SMAIBLUE – Singles

SMAIBLUE – Avenue Of A Dying Place – Album Sampler/Singles Review Little is known about this mysterious & melodic project based out of the UK…I’ve checked out the internet hot-spots for information, and it seems like SMAIBLUE for the most part, is doin’ just fine with the music speaking for itself when it comes to […]Read More

Del-N’quent – Singles

Del-N’quent – The Ascension Of Lazarus Street Album Sampler – Singles Review HOT jams from Del-N’quent on his latest record called The Ascension Of Lazarus Street – dude’s got it all stocked & loaded with entertainment throughout the set-list, which I’ve been checking out over this past week or so.  I’ve got three cuts cherry-picked […]Read More

A Note Two Self – Singles

A Note Two Self – 1000 Days After EP Sampler/Singles Review If the cover of this new 1000 Days After EP from A Note Two Self is any indication, things are going pretty well for the man behind the music right now – that’s one seriously genuine smile you’ll see on Mike Richards’ face right […]Read More

Betweenzone – Sonne

Betweenzone – Sonne – EP Sampler/Singles Review Germany-based Betweenzone is back in 2019 with a brand-new EP! If you’ve been following our pages over this past year or so, you’ll probably recognize their name at this point – we had’em here in review twice in 2018, once for a handful of singles, then again when […]Read More

Isobella Caroline – Cupid’s Arrows Album Sampler

Isobella Caroline – Cupid’s Arrows Album Sampler – Singles Review I’ll tell ya what my ears always appreciate – that’s an artist like Isobella Caroline, who has the courage & commitment to follow through on some seriously unique ideas to discover something new about music.  While it’s clear that it’s still early on in Isobella’s […]Read More

The Last Great Kings – Starry Eyed Kids Album Sampler

The Last Great Kings – Starry Eyed Kids Album Sampler – Singles Review I’m here to talk about a sample set of select tunes from this new record Starry Eyed Kids today…but make no mistake, even though it ain’t one I’m discussing here in review, right from the moment that “A Musical Thing (Intro)” on […]Read More

Matt Movin’ – Basic Instinctz Mixtape Sampler

Matt Movin’ – Basic Instinctz Mixtape Sampler – Singles Review Okay wait…is this what Chattanooga, Tennessee, sounds like these days?  Who knew? He might not be busting out of the part of the world you’d expect, but Matt Movin’ is indeed, makin’ moves with his career.  With a brand-new mixtape called Basic Instinctz out this […]Read More

Paul Middleton – Covers 3 Album Sampler

Paul Middleton – Covers 3 – Album Sampler/Singles Review Ahhhhhhhh the cover crowd…ya gotta love’em. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking there’s no risk involved with taking on your own version of a cover tune…if you’re not careful with your selections, you can create all kinds of impossible scenarios where the odds of making […]Read More

Delra Harris – HMAI Album Sampler

Delra Harris – HMAI – Singles/Album Sampler Review Interesting mix of Soul, R&B, Gospel & faith-based music from singer/songwriter Delra Harris…believe it or not, we’ve got nine tracks from his new record HMAI in review today and that’s just a tiny bit over the halfway-mark of the seventeen-track epic he’s just released.  That’s a hefty […]Read More

Novel “Hooly” The GOAT – Lit Boi

Novel “Hooly” The GOAT – Lit Boi – Album Sampler/Singles Review Claiming some pretty large status in throwing-down a moniker that includes a reference to being The GOAT, you can imagine the high standards an artist would have to set and maintain in their music to back that up.  I’ll put it to you this […]Read More