Ronald Williams – “Magnificent”

“Magnificent” indeed!  Lookin’ it, soundin’ it…you know…just another day in the life of artist Ronald Williams, NBD. Or is it? Listen.  We’ve had quite a history with RW and his music over the past several years…and while it seems like that’d be the natural thing for me to go into to start this out, we’re […]Read More

Ronald Williams – “Love Me As I Do”

Ronald Williams – “Love Me As I Do” – Music Video Release/Review Lookin’ mighty fly sir, yes indeed. Here’s what I can tell ya…Ronald Williams might not have had the most organized career from day one, but the material has always been there.  For example…this single “Love Me As I Do,” we originally reviewed back […]Read More

Ronald Williams – “Love Me As I Do”

Ronald Williams – “Love Me As I Do” – Single Review If you had a chance to read the review we published here yesterday on another of the latest singles from Ronald Williams called “Missing You” – you heard a lot of thoughts in support of what the man is capable of, specifically highlighting his […]Read More

Ronald Williams – “Missing You”

Ronald Williams – “Missing You” – Single Review For those of you that follow along with our pages here, you know that ultimately, I’ve always been in the corner of Ronald Williams – straight-up, the man’s a brilliant songwriter when it comes right down to it.  While I can’t quite claim that I’ve been there […]Read More

Ronald Williams – Singles

Ronald Williams – Singles Review The spoils of war. According to legend, Ronald Williams has hundreds of songs already locked away in the vault like one of his main inspirations Prince was famous for doing.  For just about every reason imaginable, I can justify this when it comes to making music; for one, it’s a […]Read More

Ronald Williams – Keep My Cool

Ronald Williams – Keep My Cool – Album Review Like we always say around this place, there’s never a bad time to go about promotin’ some music yo!  If you checked out episode 062 of the SBS Podcast, you’re already ahead of the game on this review and have had a head start in listening […]Read More

SBS Podcast 062

Back in action for the first time since last year and ready to surge forward with the independent music-scene once again in 2019!  Rap & Hip-Hop have been stepping out of the gate with authority this year and settin’ off playlists with strong efforts from a whole posse of new emcees steppin’ up.  This show […]Read More

Ronald Williams – Funk Avenue Singles

Ronald Williams – Funk Avenue – Singles Review Let it be said once more…if y’aint got your health, y’aint got nothin.’ Never seen this before actually; my wife and I came down with the exact same cold at the exact same time more or less – around 3pm on New Year’s Eve.  I’m no stranger […]Read More

Ronald Williams – Funk Avenue

Ronald Williams – Funk Avenue – Album Review Believe it or not, this is actually the third review on the music of Ronald Williams within four months!  Safe to say that things are heating up creatively over on his end of the screen & studio boards from the sound of everything that’s been coming our […]Read More