K-ORA – “Broken Stars” Feat. Janet Craft

 K-ORA – “Broken Stars” Feat. Janet Craft

K-ORA – “Broken Stars” Feat. Janet Craft – Music Video Post

If you’ve been following along with the audible saga of K-ORA, I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise that the newest addition to its bizarre lo-fi legacy is every bit as strange, weird, and wonderful as you assumed it would be.  Adding to the catalog of gothic dream-based vibes, K-ORA returns with a new video directed by Caleb Rocha for “Broken Stars,” which also features the talents of Janet Craft for this collaborative single.  Is it a trip, you ask?  And I reply – would it be K-ORA as you know it if it wasn’t?  Of course it is!

Set in a space-like setting where a voice and image appear in the ether, K-ORA’s dark ambient songs are built on a shocking level of minimalism at their core, but driven by a sense of purpose and a vision that allows for the maximum potential in each element of what you hear – and in this case what you see – to make a significant impact on ya.  It’s always been otherworldly stuff when it comes right down to it…like K-ORA is able to see a whole universe from a different level than the rest of us mere mortals can.  As a result, you get these remarkably different Darkwave-infused compositions that likely sound noticeably unique in comparison to anything else on your playlist.  We’ve also experienced the collaborative spirit of this artist in the past as well, on singles like “Forgotten Machine Voices” and “Into Your Mind I Go…” that were released last year with Drauglur – so we know that K-ORA is a big fan of expanding this project to include other artistic dimensions and perspectives, just like we’ve got here with what Janet Craft brings to “Broken Stars.”  It’s definitely cohesive with the entire canon of K-ORA that we know of so far with its murky visuals & mysterious vibes – “Broken Stars” is another solid entry into what’s fast become a completely different experience in music altogether, now proudly creeping right into the video realm.

Find out more about K-ORA at Bandcamp:  https://k-ora.bandcamp.com

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