Divine Martyr – “Truth”

 Divine Martyr – “Truth”

Divine Martyr – “Truth” – Music Video Post

If you’re payin’ close attention, one of the first things you’ll notice about Divine Martyr, is that they’ve got extra strings on both the bass & guitar in this band…and that’s always gotta be a solid indication of some superior musicianship to be found, ain’t it?  That’s the “Truth” as far as I’ve ever known it, and this band doesn’t disappoint whatsoever in living up to our expectations, roaring to life with a single that is every bit as fiercely dynamic as it is exquisitely versatile.  Giving you that Symphonic Metal sound you love, Divine Martyr certainly ain’t holding anything back as they unleash a powerfully captivating single & video combination that’s guaranteed to earn your attention, and keep it.  There’s a ton here to dig about this band and how they play on such a noticeably unified front – Divine Martyr is clearly a force to be reckoned with, and they prove that beyond the shadow of a doubt with the way they play “Truth.”

From the steady rumble provided by bassist Woody Hughes, to the thunderous pounding of the drums coming from Mark McKowen, to the ferocious precision on the guitar from Jason Hyde, to the stunning display of range in the vocals revealed by the electrifying talents of their lead-singer Olivia Guetle, Divine Martyr has all the right ingredients to make a permanent impression and lasting impact on ya.  Armed with music that’s hot enough to melt your speakers and a gritty new video that makes supremely wicked use of intense visual effects to pair with their enormous & powerful sound – “Truth” shows the band in a spectacular light, highlighting the serious personality & skills that each member brings to every moment you see and hear.  With a barrage of sound that fully confirms Divine Martyr has all the chops required to fully compete with the best of the best, “Truth” shows that they’re ready to take the scene by sheer sonic force, and carve out their own permanent place in music’s history by making every moment count.

Find out more about Divine Martyr from their official site at:  https://www.divinemartyr.com

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