I will always consider it one of the greatest honors & privileges to be able to listen to music that comes to us from all corners of the map.  I know…a lot of folks out there tend to get hung up on language and deem that to be some kind of major obstacle when they’re listening to music…and objectively, perhaps that’s true for many listeners out there in this world…but that’s not something I’ve ever considered to be crucial when it comes to what I listen to or why I feel like a song would connect with me.  I rely on the age-old wisdom of music being our most universal language, and no matter what dialect someone is singing in, chances are, I still wanna hear it!  Take this new single called “DEJLIGT FORFØRENDE” that has Danish artist TOURÉ flowing out there amongst the stars and playing piano for ya…dude’s got himself a stellar melody and rhythm to go along with style we can both see and hear – I don’t need his words to be in English in order to pick that up, you see what I’m saying?  Better yet – check this out for yourself & see if you don’t end up feeling the same way I do…TOURÉ’s created down-to-earth art here, even while he’s trying to navigate his way through space in the new video that he’s got supporting his latest single.

And there you have – am I right or what?  Music has always been, and always will be, our universal language.  It’s one of the strongest forces out there that has the power to connect us all, and TOURÉ’s single/video combination is complete proof of what I’ve been tellin’ ya.  That’s an entirely memorable hook, no matter what language you normally speak yourself!  And how about that piano melody?  I bet you enjoyed that too, yes?  What about the elegant & graceful dancing you see onscreen in the video and how that complements TOURÉ’s naturally enticing R&B/Pop vibes?  It’s spot-on.  Even if you got tempted and had a peek to learn that “DEJLIGT FORFØRENDE” translates to ‘beautifully seductive’ in English, it’s still the emotion and sincerity that is communicated through the song itself that connects the most.  We acutely pick up on these things as human beings, and it’s a gift we all get to share between us.  So if you haven’t had the opportunity, privilege, and honor to have a listen to what’s happening in the music-scene around the world, I highly encourage you to do so – and there’s no better time to start exposing yourself to different cultures, different vibes, different sounds, different styles, than right now!  We’ve made it easy for ya – show TOURÉ some love from wherever you are, and click on his brand-new video for his single “DEJLIGT FORFØRENDE,” to see and hear his universal vibes take you for a sonic trip into the heart of what’s happening in the Denmark music-scene, so you can bring that right into your own home, wherever you are on the map.

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