Lazarus Benson – “Losing My Mind” Featuring Grimm

Lazarus Benson – “Losing My Mind” Featuring Grimm – Single Review I had this young dude schedule in some studio time back when sleepingbagstudios was still based out of British Columbia…just a regular guy with big dreams, the same as many of you.  Admittedly, he was only at the very start of his career with […]Read More

Lazarus Benson – “Like You”

Lazarus Benson – “Like You” – Single Review You can always rely & count on Lazarus Benson to generate an onslaught of superior sound & supreme production – that’s just what the man does y’all.  Like you do your thing at the office, or you do your thing at home – making music is what […]Read More

Lazarus Benson – “Monster”

Lazarus Benson – “Monster” – Single Review Man…to say time flies doesn’t even cover half of it sometimes! Technically, though he was rocking under a different name back in the day, it’s been more than five years since we had the music of Lazarus Benson featured up on our pages!  Honestly, it feels like it […]Read More

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