Jay Jai – “Life”

Jay Jai – “Life” – Single Review That’s what was missing from last year!  I knew it was something.  You’ll have to forgive me…there’s been at least a couple thangs missing from all our lives during the pandemic era to say the least of course, but that still doesn’t lessen the shock of realizing we […]Read More

Jay Jai – “True One”

Jay Jai – “True One” – Single Review While it’s certainly no secret that I’ve been a fan of Jay Jai since first hearing his music nearly five years ago & having written about it several times since – it’s always awesome to hear the man back in action with something new & exciting like […]Read More

Jay Jai – Vibes

Jay Jai – Vibes – Split-Single Review If you’ve ever heard the quiet dude speak up out of nowhere, you know the impact that can make.  Constant chatter is one thing, but having the courage to contribute when it’s less expected always makes more of a difference…or at least that’s the theory I’ve gone with […]Read More

Jay Jai – My SoundCloud EP

Jay Jai – My SoundCloud EP – EP Review If you’ve ever read a review of Jay Jai’s music on these pages here at sleepingbagstudios before, you already know I’m a massive fan of this guy.  Not only does JJ always deliver a quality tune – he’s one of the few artists out there that […]Read More

Jay Jai – “Lost In You”

Jay Jai – “Lost In You” – Single Review One of the most reliable names in R&B/Soul and pure audio-entertainment, Jay Jai is back with a low-down & dirty new cut to start your year.  The man certainly has a way with his lyrical flow and imagery in his words – and he’s workin’ that […]Read More

Jay Jai – My Soundcloud Project

Jay Jai – My Soundcloud Project – Album Review Sometimes behind the scenes you can get a sense of where an artist is at with their work.  I say sometimes…because it’s probably rarer than you’d think; some people will submit music and add the standard links & promo-related materials – usually management…other artists want to […]Read More

Jay Jai – The ‘Just Like You’ Sessions

Jay Jai – The ‘Just Like You’ Sessions – Album Review J-day! J-day! J2 the sequel…double-J’s in review today courtesy of Jay Jai on our homepage today – if you were with us earlier this afternoon then you’ve had a chance to catch up on our thoughts on the Backseat Diary EP – and personally […]Read More

Jay Jai – Backseat Diary

Jay Jai – Backseat Diary – EP Review Well! Someone ate their Wheaties before hitting the studio didn’t they? Jay Jai’s new EP Backseat Diary is a vibrant mix of pop-music & R&B and right from the opening moments of “Us” comes out crystal-clear and beautifully in the mix right from the drop. Jay Jai […]Read More