John Evergon – “Reflection”

Official Press Release John Evergon Warms Hearts This Winter With His Cover Of “Reflection” – Available On December 14th! The past three years have been an incredibly thrilling ride for Instrumental/Acoustic artist John Evergon.  From the release of his stunning debut album Constellation Of Thoughts in 2019, which featured a song called “Extension Of The […]Read More

Paul Middleton – “Take On Me”

Paul Middleton – “Take On Me” – Single Review I know what you’re thinking.  It’s impossible to see that title and not know instantly what song you’re about to be in-store for.  The legendary hit by A-ha that took over the 80s by storm originally…amazing tune, you know it, I know it, we all know […]Read More

Jeff Roland – “Space Oddity”

What a fantastic personality this guy has.  From messages I’ve read behind the scenes about his music and art, to the way Jeff Roland communicates so humbly to the audience through his live-stream video performance of the legendary David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” – it’s clear this man has authentic passion, and a whole lot of […]Read More

Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara – “You Raise Me Up”

Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara – “You Raise Me Up” Feat. Allison Brewster Franzetti – Single Review You can never really predict how music is going to be received, or what tools listeners have/don’t have to listen with…you’d be surprised what outside factors can creep into a critical evaluation and how that can do its […]Read More

Hong Kong Stingray – “Cold Hard Times”

Admit it…these are “Cold Hard Times” we’re livin’ in – but Hong Kong Stingray’s got just the thing for ya to brighten up your day & lighten the mood with this cover/video release of the Lee Hazelwood original.  I mean, I don’t know what else folks could possibly want or expect me to say here…it’s […]Read More

IJK – “Blue Christmas”

Join me as I dive on in here and defy the odds of my usual seasonal standards of how I tend to feel about the ol’ yuletide tunes!  If you’ve read these pages of ours on the regular over these past eight years or more, chances are around December you’ve run into some pretty opinionated […]Read More

Simple Stone – “Not Pretty Enough”

Heyyyyyyyy…props to this crew based out of Sydney, Australia…Simple Stone has sliced off a solid rock song that’s designed to draw attention & awareness to the growing issue of homelessness in their area.  “Not Pretty Enough,” and the video that come along with it provide us all with a reminder that there is still plenty […]Read More

MemoVele – “Someone You Loved”

Stunning cover tune from the husband & wife collaboration between Andrea & Chiara of the duo MemoVele, who take on the massive hit single “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi and give it a beautiful acoustic shine of their own.  Looks like these fabulous people are living quite the life there in their studio based […]Read More

Scarlett – “Borderline”

Scarlett – “Borderline” – Music Video Release/Review Putting the Scarlett-spin on a massive hit from the early 90’s Goth/Metal band from Helsinki known as The 69 Eyes – lead-singer George Emans takes on one of their most well-known tunes for a cover version of the single “Borderline,” which originally came out on the album X […]Read More

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Crazy Love”

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Crazy Love” – Single Review Alright…I think this is what I was needing from Ranzel X Kendrick…a lil’ confirmation that I wasn’t completely crazy the last time around when reviewing his single “Seguin Son Of A Gun” from his Texas Cactus album.  I dug the song…but I’ll be damned if I […]Read More