Simple Stone – “Not Pretty Enough”

Heyyyyyyyy…props to this crew based out of Sydney, Australia…Simple Stone has sliced off a solid rock song that’s designed to draw attention & awareness to the growing issue of homelessness in their area.  “Not Pretty Enough,” and the video that come along with it provide us all with a reminder that there is still plenty […]Read More

MemoVele – “Someone You Loved”

Stunning cover tune from the husband & wife collaboration between Andrea & Chiara of the duo MemoVele, who take on the massive hit single “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi and give it a beautiful acoustic shine of their own.  Looks like these fabulous people are living quite the life there in their studio based […]Read More

Scarlett – “Borderline”

Scarlett – “Borderline” – Music Video Release/Review Putting the Scarlett-spin on a massive hit from the early 90’s Goth/Metal band from Helsinki known as The 69 Eyes – lead-singer George Emans takes on one of their most well-known tunes for a cover version of the single “Borderline,” which originally came out on the album X […]Read More

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Crazy Love”

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Crazy Love” – Single Review Alright…I think this is what I was needing from Ranzel X Kendrick…a lil’ confirmation that I wasn’t completely crazy the last time around when reviewing his single “Seguin Son Of A Gun” from his Texas Cactus album.  I dug the song…but I’ll be damned if I […]Read More

Dallenger Cheap – “Say It Ain’t So”

“Say It Ain’t So” – scrap that, say it IS so – everyone’s got time for this classic cut! Dallenger Cheap is busting out the ol’ Weezer hit, giving it the garage treatment in a live performance, and keeping the magic of the original intact.  With four pieces bringing that essential good-time vibe to their […]Read More

BluesySpiritual Chris – “Grinning In Your Face”

Dig this! BluesySpiritual Chris, a seventeen year-old Blues/Gospel singer based out of Italy, has got a wildly expressive voice that’s got the spirit & soul you’re looking for.  Seriously impressive performance on this cover of the original song “Grinnin’ In Your Face” by Son House – hearing how BluesySpiritual Chris fearlessly goes after such electrifying […]Read More

Scarlett – “Solitary Man”

In a live-performance direct from MadLife Stage & Studios, Atlanta-based Scarlett takes on a Neil Diamond tune, “Solitary Man,” and gives it a firm rock twist.  Continuing to display growth as a band and proving they’re one of the hardest working out there in the scene right now, they rip through this cover of the […]Read More

Chris Nole – “Life On Mars”

Chris Nole – “Life On Mars” – Single Review Well now…there’s a first time for everything!  I’m no stranger to Bowie covers by any stretch, but I’ll admit it’s the first time I’ve ever gotten a link to the original just in case I guess I hadn’t heard it?  You can never be too careful […]Read More

DirtyKeyz Duo – “How Deep Is Your Love”

Bringing genuine finesse to the mic and real soul to a classic song from the Bee Gees catalog, DirtyKeyz Duo create an intimate & memorable moment in their cover of “How Deep Is Your Love.”  Smartly stripped down to the beautiful keys and stunning lead-vocals, the pair make melodic magic together in this collaboration – […]Read More

Sofia Evangelina – “I Want You Back”

Sofia Evangelina – “I Want You Back” – Music Video Release/Review C’mon now – we’ve ALL got time for this song don’t we? Young artist Sofia Evangelina has chosen well here with a cover of the Jackson Five’s massive hit-song “I Want You Back” – a release that’s coming just ahead of her full album […]Read More

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