Scarlett – “Borderline”

 Scarlett – “Borderline”

Scarlett – “Borderline” – Music Video Release/Review

Putting the Scarlett-spin on a massive hit from the early 90’s Goth/Metal band from Helsinki known as The 69 Eyes – lead-singer George Emans takes on one of their most well-known tunes for a cover version of the single “Borderline,” which originally came out on the album X by The 69 Eyes back in 2012.  A wise choice for Scarlett to have made in terms of which songs to cover – the sound of George’s voice is a well-suited match for the original vibes and the stripped-back acoustic version was a great idea overall.

Getting to the heart of the mystique in the melody of “Borderline,” George puts in a beautifully melancholy & gothic performance into this version that honors the original version.  By taking it all down to the one guitar with lead & backing vocals, you get a real chance to hear how the songwriting of The 69 Eyes stands out with real clarity & there’s more than enough of a different twist on the original sound floating through the atmosphere haunting the bones of this tune to certainly warrant this new variation.  “Borderline” has always exemplified a magnificent blend of complex emotions at work, and this acoustic version from Emans keeps that perfectly in-tact while also revealing these depths through a new slant & perspective on the song’s sound – and again, one that’s essentially tailor-made for the fabric of Scarlett.

With a hazy video that keeps multiple scenes of George from Scarlett coming atcha in a series of different shots & angles, “Borderline” shows that dark can be beautiful too…it’s all in how we process the information & sound on our end that’s always determined how we hear & interpret this particular song.  Ultimately, what Scarlett has done here with this cover is bring a single-worthy song back to the surface for all to see in an all-new light…dim & dusky & gothed-out as that light may be.  The point is, “Borderline” has been and always will be a great song – and Scarlett keeps what you know & love firmly in place, while still building upon what the songwriting had to offer all along by presenting it in this acoustic version and letting the words, vocals, and melody in the music make the impact it’s capable of.  Check it out for yourself and have a look/listen to the new video for “Borderline” from Scarlett below!

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