Ranzel X Kendrick – “Crazy Love”

 Ranzel X Kendrick – “Crazy Love”

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Crazy Love” – Single Review

Alright…I think this is what I was needing from Ranzel X Kendrick…a lil’ confirmation that I wasn’t completely crazy the last time around when reviewing his single “Seguin Son Of A Gun” from his Texas Cactus album.  I dug the song…but I’ll be damned if I ever really did put my finger on why that was 100% – it was a quirky cut, but there was just something about it that seemed to reveal something unique about Ranzel’s style.  And of course, ever since that point, I’ve been curious as to what might come next.

Because honestly…I felt like that next tune, that next single, song, or album…could go either way.

Let me be among the first to report that, I believe he’s chosen extremely wisely.

I’m NOT going to go as far as to say I’m shocked…because as inexplicable as the previous single “Seguin Son Of A Gun” felt like it was to me, I could still hear there was something there…I just wanted to know what it was!  With “Crazy Love,” even though it’s a cover version of the extraordinary classic from Van Morrison’s amazing catalog of superhuman songwriting…I still felt like we got a real glimpse of who Ranzel X Kendrick really is through his take on this tune.  And this time, I know why I like what I hear.

And I’ll tell ya this much…I’m such a fan of Van Morrison’s writing & music that, if Ranzel had somehow made a single, solitary misstep in this cover…I’d have called him out on it immediately.  Facts are facts – he plays this tune perfectly, with all the right sweetness this song needs emanating beautifully through his guitar and the golden melody in his voice.  Personally, I like the way he sings this very, very much; while it’s a version that’s extremely true to the original, the way that Ranzel approaches the mic gives a new spin to the words you know…almost like he’s taken aback by the wonder & beauty of this “Crazy Love” discovered in the song, and genuinely amazed by it himself.  Whereas Van put a different twist on it…almost like a surefire confidence that it was indeed, “Crazy Love” he was experiencing…and I felt like that significant change in the delivery of the words between the two artists became a huge part of what justified this version’s existence.  Because you ALWAYS want a timeless tune to retain the true essence of what we all loved about the original to begin with…but you still wanna bring a lil’ somethin’ to it too.

Ranzel’s achieved that here, however subtle those changes may be.  The bottom line is, what you know, love, and remember about “Crazy Love” is all right there for ya…the stunning songwriting, powerfully moving hooks, and captivating moment in time this song so sincerely creates, is perfectly intact here.  Sound-wise, it’s true to the roots too…though arguably, maybe with a bit more of a southern, down-home style like you’d hear from The Band when it comes to the verses…there’s a bit more liveliness in this version from Kendrick…you can hear how invested he is in making this cover live up to the original and how much respect he has for Morrison’s song…and that passion & enthusiasm lead him to victory.

Beautifully mellow, heartfelt, and sincere – Kendrick supplies you with all that you want on this cover and does an exceptional job with handling the humble sweetness of this song spot-on.  More importantly than perhaps anything else, he doesn’t mess too much at all with a recipe that already yielded the perfect results…he’s kept the authentically classic & sweet sounds of “Crazy Love” recognizable, while bringing his own warmth & comforting vibes to this endearing new cover version.

And I get to sleep comfortably tonight knowing I knew Ranzel had something like this in him all along.

Really well done brother-man.

Find out more about Ranzel X Kendrick at his official homepage at:  http://www.ranzelxkendrick.com

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