Hong Kong Stingray – “Cold Hard Times”

 Hong Kong Stingray – “Cold Hard Times”

Admit it…these are “Cold Hard Times” we’re livin’ in – but Hong Kong Stingray’s got just the thing for ya to brighten up your day & lighten the mood with this cover/video release of the Lee Hazelwood original.  I mean, I don’t know what else folks could possibly want or expect me to say here…it’s just a fact & a forgone conclusion that if you’re willing to strap a fake mustache to your face, I’m automatically having THAT much more fun, no matter how poignant & relevant the lyricism may be, or how serious the vibe might try to become.  Beyond that, you’ll see directly in the video in between the sweet psychedelic twinge of effects, that the main dude behind all this magic, Chet Delcampo, is clearly living in what could only be described as home-studio-heaven-on-earth – if you’re looking as closely as you’ll be listening, you’ll see this dude’s got more toys surrounding him than most artists & bands ever even pick up in one lifetime!  Whether it’s the lighthearted approach being taken to the mood of the video, or the high-quality version of Hazelwood’s tune that’s been tightly played here – or yes, maybe even the fake mustache – one way or the other, Hong Kong Stingray will catch your attention with this brilliantly smooth cover put together for you all to enjoy.  Give it a spin and check it out for yourself – the mellow vibes of “Cold Hard Times” with its chilled-out bass-lines & shimmering synths make for a wonderful contrast with the insightful lyricism – and this new video they’ve put together will help shed a lil’ light & love around this planet at a time when it’s needed most.

Listen to more music by Hong Kong Stingray at the official page at Bandcamp here:  https://hongkongstingray.bandcamp.com

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