Aldrich Benson – “Feel You”

Aldrich Benson – “Feel You” – Single Review One of the very best things about pushing play on a new tune by the duo of Aldrich Benson, is that you never REALLY know what it is you’re going to find.  Ever since I started listening to’em back towards the start of last year, each experience […]Read More

Aldrich Benson – “Bless Your Heart”

Aldrich Benson – “Bless Your Heart” – Single Review The main question is…are we working with the traditionally sweet definition of “Bless Your Heart” or are we talkin’ about the “Bless Your Heart” so often uttered throughout the deep south – because as far as I understand it, those are definitely two very, very different […]Read More

SBS Podcast 130

Bringin’ the heat to your speakers straight to the end of summer 2021 & long beyond – check out a full lineup of audio awesomeness from our independent music-scene split right down the middle to give ya the best of both worlds between what’s happening in Rock & Rap right now! On the Rock side […]Read More

August Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Phew!  For a moment there, we were a little worried you were starting to catch on, or like music! This awesome social experiment continues.  For what purpose?  Nobody knows!  But we sure are learning a whole lot about how folks listen to tunes and support the independent scene organically without any typical kind of promotions […]Read More

Aldrich Benson – “Late-Night Melodrama”

Aldrich Benson – “Late-Night Melodrama” – Single Review And we continue our deep divin’ on into the Intelligent Music EP by duo Aldrich Benson… One of the toughest things I’ve learned throughout my time spent in music is that the perception of what artists/bands love, versus what we love, often has the space of a […]Read More

Aldrich Benson – “Be The One”

Aldrich Benson – “Be The One” – Single Review …there are two dudes somewhere over there on the west coast right now, wondering…how IS this gonna go today?  So far as I’ve written about Aldrich Benson’s music here on these pages, like I did yesterday in reviewing “She” – I’ve been commenting on songs that […]Read More

Aldrich Benson – “She”

Aldrich Benson – “She” – Single Review These guys really do have a great thing goin’ on. It was only back in February that we first latched onto Aldrich Benson and its duo of musicians in Bob & Michael that make the magic happen through a couple of singles sliced from their Intelligent Music EP, […]Read More

SBS Podcast 116

All kinds of that good good info you wanna know & a whole bunch of music you’ll definitely wanna hear!  Come check out the latest episode of the SBS Podcast as we spin tunes from Lebanese Tweety, Aldrich Benson, Wolf Colony, The Shikes, Steven Faulkner – a double-shot from EMPRA – and take a deep […]Read More

Aldrich Benson – “The City”

Aldrich Benson – “The City” – Single Review You’ve heard at least one of the reasons why I love these guys in the previous review of Aldrich Benson’s song “Middle Of The Night” posted up today – and if you look up top, now you can SEE one too. I’m sure they’d be the first […]Read More

Aldrich Benson – “Middle Of The Night”

Aldrich Benson – “Middle Of The Night” – Single Review These guys might just be my new heroes. I’m not gonna give you ALL the details as to WHY that is in this singular review however…if you want the full picture & story of what I’m hearing in Aldrich Benson and what’s got me diggin’ […]Read More