Aldrich Benson – “Feel You”

 Aldrich Benson – “Feel You”

Aldrich Benson – “Feel You” – Single Review

One of the very best things about pushing play on a new tune by the duo of Aldrich Benson, is that you never REALLY know what it is you’re going to find.  Ever since I started listening to’em back towards the start of last year, each experience has been undeniably different than the last, and I dig that about these dudes.  Their creativity & penchant to explore what they’re capable of has led them to some extremely cool breakthroughs along the way…and above all things, it’s spoken volumes on behalf of the fact that they’ve got a genuine love of the craft that they share together.  It’s never been about creating that next BIG SHINY TUNE for you to TURN UP on your TOP 40 stations…it’s been about finding out what they can do & where the music they make will take them from day one, and I’ve always had real respect for that.

So here’s where I’m at with their brand-new single, “Feel You” – their first cut of the year in fact…I like it!  As far as the innovative & inventive ways that this band makes their music, I’d consider “Feel You” to be a huge win for them actually…it’s a decidedly different tune in their catalog that flexes a ton of artistic depth, it’s got a wild variety of sound & style at work, and it contains what’s easily one of the most insightful lines you’re ever going to hear in a song, in your life, full-stop.  Not too shabby right?  It’s definitely a strong start to the year for Aldrich Benson, and another song that opens up even more doors of opportunity for their future to follow.  This is another highlight example of their inherent uniqueness.

Now…the reality of artistic endeavors of any kind, is simply that the advantages you’ll find can often be detrimental in other ways…I think most real artists naturally accept that, and I’m fairly confident that both Michael and Bob are well aware of all this.  For example…I’m not here saying that “Feel You” is going to be the most accessible cut you’re going to hear in 2022 – but it could very well easily be among the most interesting you’ll find – and deep down, we all know the difference.  Aldrich Benson is no more or less accessible than something you’d find in say, Danny Elfman’s personal catalog here in many ways – some folks out there get it and dig right in, while others can tend to shy away from what’s different and not as overtly catchy as what they find in the mainstream.  A track like “Feel You” is undoubtedly a niche vibe to a degree…and the slower-to-mid-tempo pace is always the hardest battle to win when it comes to the restless nature of listening ears out there…it’s the kind of cut that has immediately enticing sound, yet is still probably going to require at least a couple spins before people fully appreciate it as much as their efforts deserve it.  I think of things like the opening effects on the vocals – that’s some real heavy stuff there & admittedly a bit tougher to get to the actual words than perhaps intended – but at the same time, it still creates a totally cool & different approach you don’t typically hear.  I have to be careful right around this spot…my old man’s the keyboard player for Prism here in Canada, and their singer Al Harlow is a massive fan of the ol’ voice-modulator & talkbox & all that…and when he uses it, I swear you can barely make out a damn word – yet there it is, show after show.  Why?  Because it sounds freakin’ RAD when we hear it!  Always has, always will, and that remains true here too.  I don’t personally need to hear every single word in every song…and there are many out there that go about using their voice as an instrument anyhow, which is kind of the result of what Aldrich Benson is doing with their effects, and largely the rest of this tune as well by giving it a diverse range of vocal ideas in the mix.  When they smooth out for the harmonies of the chorus & the hooks there, or start shoutin’ at us through the speakers, believe me…you’ll find they can use clarity as effectively as they feel like doin.’  In that respect, you start to realize that tracks like “Feel You” really lean hard on the vibe itself…the textures…the tones…the layers of depth in the way it twists, morphs, and transitions through sensory sound on display from the music to the microphone, and certainly found with the production as well.  A track like “Feel You” is more than a mere new tune – it’s an authentic experience in substantial sound.

And death?  It’s not the worst thing you’ll face in this life – it’s what dies inside while you’re still alive.”  Good gravyboat lighthouse y’all – that’s one of the most awesome lines I’ve ever heard in any song I’ve ever listened to…and I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’ve heard a few over time!  No joke…I like a lot of what they’ve had to say throughout this song lyrically, but that particular line hits ya exactly like the profound punch in the gut that it SHOULD if you’re listening with your head on straight.  You should hear a line like that and immediately respond with a “DAMN” in recognition of just how correct they are in this insightful perspective – and instantly go about doing anything & everything you can to protect yourself from ever letting such a fate happen to YOU.  Great personality in the vocals on this tune if you ask me…I think they really nailed the wild intensity of this tune in a killer way, especially considering how mellow the vast majority of the sound of “Feel You” generally is from start to finish.  Brilliant percussion, guitar & bass are solid…the atmosphere all-around is extremely well thought-out and designed with a real silky, thick & rich production that works wonders…you can plunge right into the depths of a song like “Feel You” and find all kinds of reasons that making the trip was well worth your while.  Aldrich Benson continues to make multi-dimensional tunes with stunningly ground perspective and true artistic passion – “Feel You” might be more of a lean towards the artistic side of their sound, but I’d reckon that those out there looking for MORE in the music they listen to, will quite likely love it.

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