Jana Pochop – “Sad Pizza”

 Jana Pochop – “Sad Pizza”

Jana Pochop – “Sad Pizza” – Single Review

Approach with caution y’all…no one quite does devastating like Jana Pochop does.

There is plenty of reason to believe that this remarkable singer/songwriter is about to release the best music we’ve heard from her so far.  After a wildly successful funding campaign that seemed to exceed all possible expectations and proved Jana is making the kind of music people wanna hear, we’re now getting our first glimpse at what she’s been creating behind the scenes…and it is nothing short of amazing.  I tend to take on the emotions that I hear within music to begin with, but Pochop has got a gift for being able to stab us right through the heart with her words and melodies.  I’ve been singing her praises ever since I heard a single she released a long time ago called “Money & Heart” – I knew she had something special that the rest didn’t have the moment that I heard it in 2017, and I’m proud to say that she’s proven me right with every release she’s put out ever since.  But this…THIS…good gravyboat lighthouse Jana!  You gotta put a warning label on “Sad Pizza” so that people have the opportunity to prepare themselves before they have a listen.  Potently melancholy to say the very least, JP’s new single is complete confirmation that she’s about to release the best music she’s ever made – remember you heard it here first and feel free to quote me on that.  “Sad Pizza” is a straight-up triumph in her songwriting and another undeniable highlight within her career to-date.

I had to marvel at the courage.  It’s been about a year and a half since Jana released her last album called The Astronaut – and she returns with “Sad Pizza?”  WHO DOES THIS?  We’re living in an Instagram world, where everyone out there wants to project the happiest versions of themselves, and music artists tend to put out their most upbeat tunes as the single to entice people in.  “Sad Pizza” is the antithesis to all that bullshit – and it’s complete proof that you establish the strongest connections with listening ears by being REAL.  There ain’t no plastique in the music of Jana Pochop, ever…there never has been, and I suspect there never will be – she doesn’t have it in her to fake what she’s feeling, and one of the best attributes of her work is that her music is always a genuine reflection of what she’s thinking about and going through.  I’ve long said that the best music YOU make has as much of YOU in it as YOU can add into it, and “Sad Pizza” is a stunning example of why that’s a blatant truth in the art of writing songs.  If you can get through this single and not feel the emotion of this track deep in the pit of your soul, I’m not even sure you’re alive…this is the kind of song that should hit you straight in the heartstrings, brutally, beautifully, and unapologetically.  I’m sure she could have released some kind of happier tune as the first sample of what she’s been working on for so long behind the scenes – and I’m sure it’d be great too – but is it gonna be “Sad Pizza?”  I don’t know if it could be if I’m being real with ya.  Some folks out there have an understanding of sadness and a connection to emotion that can’t be faked – and Jana’s one of’em.  She’s nailed the words, the mood, the melody, the music…the whole atmosphere of “Sad Pizza” threatens to swallow you whole in the greatest of ways.  Like I said, I marvel at the courage y’all – and I’m equally impressed by how spot-on her instincts are – “Sad Pizza” is the very definition of single-worthy sound.  This is the kind of song that you’ll remember, long after the music finally stops playing.

So…as sad as the song itself might make me, there’s no way that I could be unhappy about what I’m hearing.  Every step that Jana has made with her music and career has shown her moving forward – “Sad Pizza” reveals her evolution as a songwriter & an artist once again in that regard.  In fact, I’d go as far as to say she’s proven she’s moving the needle even further with this latest iteration of her craft.  I’m seriously in awe of the level of emotion she’s able to communicate in her music – it’s staggering.  She’s “not here to make you feel okay” – but she is definitely here to make you feel SOMETHING through the music she makes, and in a world that’s growing ever filled with fake imagery and plastic artistry, Jana stands tall as the diamond in the rough that’s unafraid to bare her soul and keep it 100% real with you.

Her lyrical imagery is as powerful as ever, her vocals are spot on, the music sounds fantastic and her performance shows us that she’s completely at the top of her game right now.  There’s not a thing about “Sad Pizza” that I’d change even remotely.  She’s always been exceptional, yes – but I’m absolutely ecstatic to hear Jana Pochop surging even further into her prime.

Make sure to find out more about Jana Pochop at her official website at:  https://www.janapochop.com

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