onetwothreescream – “Help Is On The Way”

 onetwothreescream – “Help Is On The Way”

onetwothreescream – “Help Is On The Way” – Single Review

There has been, and I highly suspect there always will be, a million reasons to love onetwothreescream.

I know I say that like this duo has been around for centuries instead of just popping up last summer, but as I mentioned somewhere I’m sure in the previous review of their debut EP Lit in 2018, the combination of talents between Mark Addison and Jana Pochop are by far one of the most exceptional that you’ll find out there in the independent scene right now.  Those of you that follow these pages on the regular likely remember Lit going on to make our coveted top-10 honors for the entire year – so to say that I get just a LITTLE BIT EXCITED when I see onetwothreescream show up on my playlist again would be a flat-out lie; this is one of the projects out there that I have the most faith in, full stop.

With the official release “Help Is On The Way” a couple days back on June 28th, Mark and Jana continue the blissfully unique adventure in music they’re on, and in the process, give us more of what we love from onetwothreescream.  You’ll notice the brilliance, hook, and pull through the music most likely to start – the acoustic guitar from Jana is instantly appealing to the ears.  The welcome sweetness her vocals adds & her consistently remarkable lyricism break through your speakers next, shining brightly throughout the new single & providing that signature spark of character, personality, and genuine artistic perspective that Jana’s synonymous with.  Soon to join in on the action, Mark adds “everything else” to “Help Is On The Way,” deserving much credit for the crisp & steady beat and atmospheric elements you’ll hear added into this cut as it plays on, transitions, and flows with perfect precision.  Like good LORDY people…listen to how onetwothreescream exits the first chorus and heads into the first minute with such an understated and brilliantly subtle combination of sounds and textures you can feel!  Pay attention to the layers and details dear readers, dear friends…”Help Is On The Way” sparkles with incredible clarity while gently ushering in audible entertainment, sweet hooks and quality writing at all times.  From the credits I’ve got here regarding “Help Is On The Way,” Mr. Addison deserves another serious shout-out for the spectacular job done behind the studio boards as well, lending his talents to the production of their latest single as well…for a band of two, Mark gets the maximum out of both himself & Jana to produce music that’s essentially the polar opposite of dull.  Between the insightful mix of playful metaphors and authentic experience that Jana combines into her words, the naturally smooth way that “Help Is On The Way” flows with such fluidity as they play it, and the stunning production you’ll find on the music & vocals – onetwothreescream prove they’re a project you can rely on to deliver here.

They keep the words wonderfully compelling, they make their music continuously inviting – it’s a recipe I fully believe will lead to the recognition & accolades this project deserves over these years to follow.  It’s not often that you’ll hear a song that comes along with a description like this one from the author:  “I got the inspiration for this one because as a kid growing up in New Mexico, there would be news reports about Jesus appearing in a burnt tortilla, or the Virgin in a tree trunk.  The tortilla did not make an appearance in the song.” – but that’s 100% pure Jana, and exactly the kind of uniqueness we celebrate here.  The overall point is, the creativity & chemistry that Mark & Jana share is a beautifully rare one you can hear…they’re unafraid to dive right into their wildest ideas in a genuine effort to come out with something you’ll remember.  Whether it’s for the hooks, the words, the music, or what have you – the consistency in quality that onetwothreescream brings to their songs makes them a force to be reckoned with, no matter how delicate, sweetened, or chilled-out they may appear to be on the surface.  And while I too might lament the exclusion of the tortilla in this tale, I don’t question the results of what I’m hearing either – “Help Is On The Way” sounds excellent from concept to execution…that’s what’s up.  Bonus props to Noelle Hampton for the noteworthy additions on the microphone throughout this latest tune from onetwothreescream – the backing vocals are yet another highly essential part of what makes “Help Is On The Way” flow with such relentlessly appealing sound to the ears from beginning to end.

So…look…I’m never afraid to make my biases known when they exist…and I still do my best to be as objective as a dude can be when I write these thangs – the facts are the facts, yes I LOVE this band, but YES, they’re every bit as good as I’m tellin’ ya they are as well.  For a band that’s little over a year old, you gotta admit, onetwothreescream is on extremely solid ground & dialed right into their sound already – “Help Is On The Way” is another uniquely charming single and excellent cut in their catalog.

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