SBS Podcast 105

 SBS Podcast 105

When we say it’s awesome, we bring the receipts with us to prove it!  Proof Of Purchase is back on the SBS Podcast, with all the incredible tunes we plundered from the recent Bandcamp Friday special from last month – check out what we reaped from the harvest for Volume 6 of this series of sonic awesomness y’all!  We’ll be spinning tunes from Annie DiRusso, The Shivers, DF3, Aminita Satori, Skyed Pillars, Winds & Walls, Dirti Speshuls, Charming Timur, Phöenix Lazare, and Wolf Colony + making stops for some double-shots along the way from Ugo Capeto and Jana Pochop! You know what to do – tune in & turn up for this episode of the SBS Podcast!


Your official show lineup includes:

Aminita Satori – “The Way”

Wolf Colony – “Beauty”

DF3 – “Waiting”

Ugo Capeto – “Hedy” / “Horizon”

The Shivers – “Capricorn & Cancer”

Phöenix Lazare – “Defeat”

Jana Pochop – “Throw You Forward” / “Resurrection Buzz”

Annie DiRusso – “20”

Dirti Speshuls – “Gotta Go”

Winds & Walls – “Hindsight”

Charming Timur – “Quantum Dream”

Skyed Pillars – “Departure (And Arrival)”

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