Galliano Sommavilla – “Homeward Bound”

 Galliano Sommavilla – “Homeward Bound”

Galliano Sommavilla – “Homeward Bound” – Single Review

What a truly gifted musician this guy is…he’s connection to melody can be downright uncanny.

So!  Here we are…back again to discuss the music of Mr. Galliano Sommavilla, currently based out of Australia, and according to all reports, is still healthy and on the right side of the dirt where he belongs.  That’s not to say the pandemic & isolated times haven’t given the man a couple cases of the blues along the way like I’m sure it has for many of you…he’s a superhuman musician yes, but he is still human.  He’s been dealing with a lot of the back & forth emotions that have enveloped so many of our thoughts these days…almost tough to call them a series of ups & downs for anyone really when it’s all been weighted so hard on one side of that scale for the majority of us…but he’s battling his way through.  Anyone that’s been following along with our reviews on his music would know that perhaps it’s possible he could get knocked down by circumstance at any given moment like the rest of us…but he’ll always get back up.

Of course, it’s pretty clear that I’m always going to believe the answer is music, no matter what the case may be or what we’re all going through.  Whether it’s the healing of listening to something we love or need to hear, or the catharsis that inherently comes from creation, or the welcome distraction it can provide at times…the answer is always in there somewhere.  Sometimes that doesn’t always mean it’s the most current stuff on the shelf either…sometimes it’s important to reach back in time to remember why it was that we were so focused on moving forward to begin with, which I suspect is generally what Galliano has been doing.  Digging into the past catalog to re-establish that connection…maybe simply enjoying the fruits of his labors with a bit of downtime and the chance to actually listen as opposed to being so busy composing…it all enhances the possibilities of the future & gives ya a chance to refocus.  Sure it might feel like we’re spinning the wheels in that gear perhaps, but ultimately it’s comparable to any other kind of research…it’s internalized, reflective, and often quite personal…but as I’m sure any musician or band would tell ya, nothing will send you into the sea of deep thoughts like your own tunes.

Of the two tracks I’ve had here in review today by Galliano, “Space Travel” would be the more accessible overall…that’s just the nature of sound & how people listen…there’s more tangible melody throughout the length of the entire song than you’ll find in this second cut from his 365-day music-making odyssey of 2013-2014…but believe me when I tell ya, that shouldn’t be confused for what’s more engaging.  Both cuts could readily qualify in that department, it just becomes about what speaks to you more – “Space Travel” is a bit more inside of the comfort zone of listeners, whereas a track like “Homeward Bound” still is too, just slightly more over towards the experimental side of sound and willing to roam on into the unknown than the single from earlier today was.  Ultimately…these two titles are somewhat interchangeable when it comes to the sound…they both explore space-like themes & atmospheric elements in the music that give each cut a very wide-open vibe, which is even more on display through “Homeward Bound” & the patience Sommavilla shows throughout the enticing structure as it expands.  Like “Space Travel” had the space-dust sprinkled magically into the mix to elevate the song to that next level, so too does “Homeward Bound” have its own secret ingredients, which are revealed a bit further into the length of this particular cut, added in around the 2:45 mark.  It’s somewhat important to note in the sense that, it’s right around a spot like that where the song will go from something that easily appeals to me personally, into a much more universal vibe that will appeal to YOU just as much, you dig?

Really just depends what floats your boat, or fuels your spaceship I suppose.  Like I’d get it completely if people told me they felt more instantly attached to “Space Travel” from earlier on, but I’d certainly hope there’d be a great number of you out there that respond just as strongly to this as well.  There’s much more exploratory sound at work here when it comes right down to it…for that first 2:45, we’re largely spent floating off in the distance with the music, searching for something we know we can reliably hold onto.  Once it arrives, the comfort of having it, cannot be understated…you immediately feel the soothing hit of soulful warmth that comes along with the sound filling in and the increasing melody…and if you ask me, I’d tell ya that Sommavilla once again proves to be a master of the art of the reveal here.  You’ll notice that first spark of life around the 1:10 mark…expertly placed to keep anyone from wandering off too far & get themselves lost in the spacious atmosphere – right there is where he reels you in just enough for the masses to stick with it, if only out of sheer curiosity to see where it all goes.  The effect is still the same – they remain a captive audience like the rest of us that have no problem at all diving right into the deep of this expansive soundscape and absorbing all the brilliant details to be found along the way.  When that most significant transition around the 2:45 mark comes around, you can’t help but feel the relief of such inviting sound…it’s an incredibly audible cue that we’re all about to experience something that we truly do share on a universal level…it’s the kind of moment that would send a feeling of calm & soul-soothing serenity straight to the core of anyone listening.  To be entirely fair to Sommavilla as well, that’s the exact half-way point of the song itself…so I don’t want to hear anyone out there complaining about not getting enough of what they needed when “Homeward Bound” clearly has a perfect 50/50 balance!  For us creative-types, you get the gloriously expressive, high-quality atmospheric elements at their maximum potential and a fantastically chilled out sound…for those of you out there that accidently took a turn into the instrumental section, if you made it all the way to the 2:45 mark, you’d probably find yourself quickly onboard and extremely pleased you stuck it out for the whole song.  Personally, I think the entire cut is fascinating…I couldn’t just have the one half without the other, and I felt like both sides of this story completely complemented the other, resulting in a compelling track that genuinely feels like it took you somewhere far beyond the couch you’re likely sitting on right now.

I’ve been doing my best here to flag y’all down as early as I’ve known about the guy and direct your attention to what he does…Galliano Sommavilla is a true man of music, through and through, and songs like “Homeward Bound” go a long way in speaking on behalf of an artist that’ll always find new ways to impress your ears.  The gorgeous warmth at the center of the melody in “Homeward Bound” is so worth the journey to get there…it’s like audibly reaching the middle of the Tootsie Pop at long last.  I remain a huge fan of what this artist is capable of – and I’d fully encourage him to continue looking towards the skies for inspiration if the results are going to come out as inventive, imaginative, & inviting as this does.

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