Galliano Sommavilla – “Morning Doves”

 Galliano Sommavilla – “Morning Doves”

Galliano Sommavilla – “Morning Doves” – Single Review

We’ve got a couple of tracks from artist Galliano Sommavilla being featured here over the next couple days…I’ll tell ya all about a song called “Ponder This” tomorrow along with more details on the man behind the music – right now while I’m offline & workin’ on a computer update, I’m listening to another one of his latest tunes called “Morning Doves” and figured I’d write this up for when we’re back online.

And hey…don’t get me wrong, details and information are great – and I promise ya, I’ll have plenty in the next review for you to chew on tomorrow…but sometimes, it’s nice to just let the music speak for itself, which you’ll find Galliano’s tunes have no problem doing whatsoever.  I wasn’t initially sure that I was even going to write this without access to the internet & my normal tools…but to be honest, when I put “Morning Doves” on and gave it that first spin, I knew I’d have no problem at all explaining how I feel about this song & why it’ll likely connect with a whole bunch of you listening out there as well.  He’s got the kind of creativity & ingenuity in these songs that absolutely inspires me to write, so here I am!  Consider this my first impression if you will, on hearing Galliano’s music for the first time; I probably didn’t even get halfway through “Morning Doves” before I was already excited about hearing the next song too.  Sommavilla’s got a magnificent approach to instrumental music that’s completely engaging.

With thunderous drum beats and cymbals splashing us in to the atmospheric beginning of “Morning Doves,” you get that instant feeling of epic majesty springing through the air surrounding you.  Spread out with a mesmerizing approach to the space & pace of the composition, what’s not being played is just as essential as what is – it’s that extra ambience that Galliano uses so well to make each individual addition to the song generate an impact of its own.  Considering how delicate & subtle many of the sounds that flow throughout the main core of the melody & bulk of the length in “Morning Doves” can be, using the space to his advantage was a truly insightful way to have composed this single.  Locked in & focused, we listen just as intently – each moment of “Morning Doves” goes on to reveal its own sparkling allure – and for a track without words, I can guarantee there will be a ton of people out there that are shocked at just how much of a grip this audible journey in sound took hold of them with.  Of course, for you instrumental fans out there, you’ll dig right in without hesitation, just like I did – the shifting emotions and genuinely mesmerizing sound to be found throughout “Morning Doves” is as appealing for its adventurous nature as it is for its reliable melody.  Essentially, Galliano’s got a single that’s both accessible & artistic, which is no easy task to create…you factor in the instrumental aspect and that’s even more of a technical hill to climb in reaching the masses out there – but I’m tellin’ ya firsthand folks, Sommavilla’s got that intangible X-factor that leads to serious magic in the moment, and I’d be willing to bet on him beating the odds by providing high-quality ideas, innovative composition, and stellar sound-selection that’ll lure people in to check it out.  The transition into the rhythmic percussion and what sounds like a synth-flute guiding the melody along the surface works out perfectly, sending the song from its expansive, wide-open beginning, into a tight instrumental groove packed with a full dose of the spectacular mix of enchanting & endearing music Sommavilla is capable of creating.

What is also not lost on me, is the label attached to the singles I received here…both tunes came with a specific number…like for instance, “Morning Doves” also bears a tag of “Day 139” on it.  I might be offline for now, but you know I won’t be for long – and I love a good mystery when it comes to music – so tune in tomorrow when I discuss Galliano’s other single called “Ponder This” from “Day 297” and try to figure out just exactly how much incredible music is being made over there on his side of the screen!  If these two tracks are any indication of the ambitious style & remarkable talent he’s putting out there into the world, you better believe we’ll be coming back for a whole lot more.  Love, love, love what I’m hearing in “Morning Doves” and very excited about the tantalizing soundscapes of Galliano Sommavilla.

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