Galliano Sommavilla – “Space Travel”

 Galliano Sommavilla – “Space Travel”

Galliano Sommavilla – “Space Travel” – Single Review

Hey now…there’s a name I always love to find on my playlist.  Many of you likely remember us getting right into the music of Galliano Sommavilla last year in a whole variety of ways, up to & including his eventual appearance in our annual top-ten list of 2020 for his impressive work on the album Breathe.  Technically, we’re heading back in time when it comes to “Space Travel” and the other single called “Homeward Bound” that I’ll be reviewing later today as well…these are cuts culled from his 365-day songwriting extravaganza that took place between 2013 & 2014…but make no mistake, any time this dude is willing to show up, I’m willing to spin his music.  Sommavilla always creates stellar tunes to listen to…I suspect it’s just in his nature when it comes right down to it…a born creative…music is who he is.

So I’ll be honest with ya here…either Galliano’s picked a perfect track to send over here, or perhaps I’m just that happy to have him back in the mix…I’m pretty confident that it’s a mix of both, but I also have no doubt that I wouldn’t be the only one super jazzed about what he’s created on “Space Travel” – this is a serious gem in his collection.  Which is saying quite a bit if you’ve followed my reviews on this guy’s music…he’s capable of fantastic things…tracks like “Space Travel” being #17 of the 365 set go a long way in confirming & proving that he’s been extraordinary for quite some time now.  Perhaps one of the best things about “Space Travel” really is the timeline of the entire ordeal here…it speaks volumes about how relevant his music still is right NOW…which equally suggests he was ahead of his time way-back-when.  But that’s the case & here we are folks…you’ll hear it for yourself when you listen – a song like “Space Travel” is likely never to go out of style or become too dated like so many tunes tend to over the years – this to me, sounds like a track I will be searching for later on throughout the rest of my life as I turn even older & more grey than I am now.  Which begs the question…has Sommavilla found himself a timeless tune here?  It’s all the more impressive when you find one in the instrumental realm if you ask me…words almost make the game of discovering a timeless track too easy when it’s all done right & the vocal melody & hooks clearly speak to the world at-large…it’s much harder to achieve without lyrics and what typically makes music memorable to so many.  Timeless is many things however…it doesn’t just have to be about hooks or vocals that hold up over time, it can be completely achieved instrumentally too, it’s just rarer is all.  Each spin through this song though, felt like its allure was extremely universal – “Space Travel” is such an excellent track to simply let spin on repeat and sink your ears right into…the casual chilled-out atmosphere yields a sensationally addictive, captivating, and mesmerizing sound all around.  And whenever you get to that first sprinkle of space-dust in the mix…I think it’s somewhere around the 2:25 mark…when that pops up, it becomes like, damn near all you wanna hear – it entirely puts the cherry on top of what’s been a 100% remarkable experience you’d never want to end already.

He always tells me I write novels in these reviews, so I’ll wrap this up quickly & a bit tighter here in this first review, given that I’ll be back to talk about him & his music here later today when I post up my thoughts on “Homeward Bound” – but like…Galliano…my brother…if you don’t want me to write a full book about your music, then stop making it so awesome to listen to will ya?  Because I don’t think one exists without the other if I’m being truthful…I can’t help but rant & rave about the music I love listening to and the quality you’ll find in an artist like Sommavilla…so is it really MY fault that I write so much about the guy – or is it in fact, HIS to begin with?  I’ll let you all be the judge & jury on all that…what I can tell ya for certain, is that “Space Travel” is one stunningly smooth experience from start to finish, and one heck of a great instrumental tune.  I mean, it’s a great tune by any measure…the kind of song that speaks strongly without using a single word, providing a pensive distance in the music & melody that’s brilliantly engaging, equally hypnotic, and entirely endearing as well…you get your full daily dose of vitamin M(usic) here for sure.  “Space Travel” sounds like a song that’s always going to find major time on my playlists, and it’s more confirmation that this artist has always been light-years ahead of the scene when it comes to making music with true depth, sensory vibes, and all-encompassing atmospheres you just wanna live inside of.

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