Galliano Sommavilla – An Instrumental Odyssey

Galliano Sommavilla – An Instrumental Odyssey – Album Review Time is such a strange thing. Here I am, thinking to myself how awesome it is to have Galliano Sommavilla back up on our pages and in our speakers again, because that’s literally and audibly always been the case…but I’m thinking, what has it been – […]Read More

Galliano Sommavilla – An Ethereal Landscape

Galliano Sommavilla – An Ethereal Landscape – Album Review Ohhhhhhhhh Lucy.  You have some ‘splainin’ to do. When you’re looking at life from this side of the screen and the independent music-scene on a macro level, this can be such a strange place sometimes.  There are so many things that we do right, and so […]Read More

Galliano Sommavilla – “The Mysterious Affair”

Galliano Sommavilla – “The Mysterious Affair” – Single Review These latest two cuts I happened to peak into by Galliano Sommavilla were definitely among the tougher ones I’ve checked out for sure.  If you tuned in here yesterday, you would have learned all about the somewhat push/pull balance in the structure of “(I Wish You) […]Read More

Galliano Sommavilla – “(I Wish You) Godspeed And A Safe

Galliano Sommavilla – “(I Wish You) Godspeed And A Safe Return” – Single Review Hmmm… …I mean, at the end of the day, you wouldn’t find me turning it off. That’s kinda the thing about Galliano Sommavilla…dude’s one of those artists you can rely on to always supply a quality tune, and even on his […]Read More

Galliano Sommavilla – “Watch Your Step”

Galliano Sommavilla – “Watch Your Step” – Single Review There we go, that’s the Galliano I’m looking for. One of the latest releases from the maestro himself, Galliano’s latest single “Watch Your Step” is a truly mesmerizing & hypnotic gem.  Not to go on about the differences & comparisons to be made between songs & […]Read More

Galliano Sommavilla – “The Caper”

Galliano Sommavilla – “The Caper” – Single Review As I’ve probably said somewhere in the past along the way in reviewing Galliano Sommavilla’s music, you wouldn’t take on a project that would demand a brand-new song from ya for 365 days straight without having some sort of an idea of how to navigate the ol’ […]Read More

Galliano Sommavilla – “Homeward Bound”

Galliano Sommavilla – “Homeward Bound” – Single Review What a truly gifted musician this guy is…he’s connection to melody can be downright uncanny. So!  Here we are…back again to discuss the music of Mr. Galliano Sommavilla, currently based out of Australia, and according to all reports, is still healthy and on the right side of […]Read More

Galliano Sommavilla – “Space Travel”

Galliano Sommavilla – “Space Travel” – Single Review Hey now…there’s a name I always love to find on my playlist.  Many of you likely remember us getting right into the music of Galliano Sommavilla last year in a whole variety of ways, up to & including his eventual appearance in our annual top-ten list of […]Read More

SBS Podcast 110

It’s been about forty episodes since the first edition of the Merry Melting Pot – and it’s about time we cooked up another one for ya!  Join us as we glide through a set-list that’ll take ya from one side of sound straight through to the other, celebrate this year’s nominations in the quest for […]Read More

Best New Sound 2020 Nomination – Day 9: Galliano Sommavilla

Our annual quest for the best returns! Posted in randomized order, the nominations for the SBS Best New Sound of 2020 get revealed from Dec. 6th – 15th! Join us in congratulating our official nomination of day 09 – Galliano Sommavilla! With our annual cutoff for the Best New Sound competition being Dec. 5th of […]Read More

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