Galliano Sommavilla – “Chill Me Now”

 Galliano Sommavilla – “Chill Me Now”

Galliano Sommavilla – “Chill Me Now” – Single Review

I tell ya…a guy takes a week off of writing reviews here at these pages of ours and we’re right back to where we left off when we come back, diving deep on into the music of Galliano Sommavilla yet again!  Similar to last time in September, we’ll be featuring him back-to-back over the next couple days – but different this time around in the sense that we’ll be dealing with the same song served up in two ways.

I know right – what the heckin’ heck?  Am I just phoning it in these days and simply reposting the same thing twice in a row – or do we have something altogether different in-store for ya?  Maybe what might seem to be the same thing isn’t really the same at all!  Ain’t the pure suspense of this oh-so-obviously leading paragraph magnificent?  You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to solve the other half of this mystery for yourselves, though as always, I’m sure if you’re paying close attention between the lines here, there will be clues.

While I don’t want to give it ALL away in this part-one of two – what I can tell ya is that I’m not playing favorites here.  Posting up this half first does not necessarily imply I like, love, or feel otherwise about part two…it’s merely a scheduling thing here at our pages & nothing else needs to be read into that.  What I can tell ya about this particular post, is that we’re dealing with another fantastic audio slice of the gigantic pie known as Galliano Sommavilla’s 365 days of music extravaganza – you know, the one I told you about in the past review of his song “Ponder This” from a couple weeks back, where I explained all about this musical madman’s extraordinarily ambitious year of writing, recording, and posting a brand-new original song for an entire year?  Yep.  That’s same amazing project is where the “Chill Me Now” we’re talking about is from.

So here’s what I can tell ya.  When you’ve got a hook…like…a verifiable HOOK that you simply cannot get to leave your mind, day or night – you run with that, every time.  That’s what listening to “Chill Me Now” makes me think of…because you couldn’t pass on this, yet you could certainly build an entire song around it for sure…which is what I’d imagine he did with the main instrumental hook that guides this cut along.  Fundamentally, on that level, it comes down to melody in the music, just like it would if it were any of you out there that use vocals – it’s still what makes the song connect to us at the very core – and you’ll discover through the playful & upbeat nature of the vibe that Galliano’s created here, his overall style & sound have no problem at all speaking on his behalf without a word involved.  Think of it like a Tootsie Pop…underneath the candy coating of the shiny outer layer of “Chill Me Now,” exists a center that you’ll always look forward to devouring – this dude jams…Sommavilla makes great tunes, no doubt.

Again, in knowing the story behind the music, I think it makes it all the more impressive when you hear the impeccable detail, design, and imaginative ideas at work in what you know was created within such a short time-frame…it’s remarkable really.  It speaks volumes about his gut instincts for composition, the talent he has, and the endless sea of ideas that must be swirling through his ambitious mind at all times.  “Chill Me Now” is another solid example of his passionate digital style producing stunning results that are accessible, inviting, and wonderfully entertaining.  With the clever design it has, you’ll find “Chill Me Now” is as adventurous as it is fluid; led by Galliano’s expert hands on the studio boards & keys, the man delivers on exciting sound that flows effortlessly between bright & colorful hooks to uniquely beautiful & chilled melodic breakdowns…and of course, we can’t forget the essential contributions the plethora of highly interesting additions that pop up in the background layers make along the way either!  “Chill Me Now” works a magic structure built on professional precision, subtle shifts & verifiably smooth flow…it takes next to no time at all for you to find yourself right at the heart of this rhythm & groove, and once you realize that’s exactly where you are, you’ll never wanna leave.

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