Convey – “Sniper”

 Convey – “Sniper”

Convey – “Sniper” – Single Review

Now…if I was judging this video JUST by the visuals alone, I’d tell ya that it’s not only one of the raddest videos I’ve seen in 2022, but like…of all-time.  For real y’all – does it get any better than what you’ll see here?  I think not!  So not only does “Sniper” have that going for it – but the music is also by what’s perhaps the most reliable band out there in the scene today when it comes to quality tunes – Convey?

Sign me right the fuck on UP!

In short, they have absolutely outdone themselves with this one.

If you’ve read these pages of ours, tuned into our shows like the SBS Podcast, learned about them in our quest for the best new sound at our site back in 2016, or discovered the SBS Secret Stash Of Stellar Singles at random somehow…you know I am by no means any stranger to the music of Convey and I’ve been yelling as hard as I can about how you all need to be paying attention to this band.  I promise ya – I haven’t been doin’ it for my health y’all…I’ve been tellin’ you all this, because it’s the straight up unfiltered RAW TRUTH – Convey is without question one of the best of the best in the music scene we share today, and they’ve been in that category since the very moment they first started out.  But this…THIS…good gravyboat lighthouse dear readers, dear friends – “Sniper” has gotta be one of the very best single/video combos that you’ll ever experience in your LIFE.  Not just today, not only tomorrow – your entire fucking LIFE.  You heard it here firsthand folks…there’s no point in me ever telling you anything other than my straightforward opinion…so you’re all hearing me right?  Even in the back there?


If there is something that Convey could have done better, bigger, stronger, or smarter when it comes to this single and its video, I absolutely do not know what that could possibly be.  The hooks are off the charts good here…”Sniper” has gotta be one of the most addictive cuts I’ve had the privilege of listening to this year, and ever since I started watching this video, I’ve wanted to cancel all my other appointments and anything else I’ve gotta do in a day just to watch it AGAIN.  And I’m genuinely SAD that I can’t always just DO that…because that means I’ve got things happening in my days that are suffering from an outrageous LACK OF AWESOMENESS in comparison to what spending my time with Convey is like.

For real y’all…this is an astounding single that should prove to not only be a huge hit for the band, but likely a fan favorite for years and years to follow.  As amazing as Convey can be, and IS…I’ll be the first to admit that it is going to be seriously tough to outdo what they’ve done here…but if there’s any band out there in our scene that I’d bet on to find a way to do that, it’d certainly be these guys right here.  From the intensity of the lyricism, vocals, and melody…to the brilliance of the main guitar riffs and punch put in by their rhythm section, Convey leaves absolutely no stone unturned in their uncanny ability to create experiences you’ll remember for the rest of time – “Sniper” has this band firing on all cylinders with deadly accuracy and a sound you can’t help but surrender your speakers to.  Bonus shout-outs to visual programming from the brilliance of ai_Xerxes, and the mind-blowing mixing/mastering of Alex Kazenoff – there’s simply no question that every hand involved in this single from sight to sound brought their own superhuman talents to it, all in effort to generate support for a band that completely deserves it.

Convey will KICK YOUR ASS by invading your face-holes – all of’em & all at once!  I could go on & on about the amazing COLORS or the WEIGHT of their lyricism and how hard it’ll hit ya with the impeccable vocal melody…I could go on & on about the precision & professionalism of this band all-around…and I could do it for DAYS & DAYS on end and I promise ya, I’d never get tired of talking about Convey for a single solitary moment…ever.  The reality is…there is some art & music in this world speaks volumes on its own behalf & doesn’t need a damn word from me to sell it to ya – “Sniper” is all that & MORE, I guarantee it, 100%.

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