Ception Of Ty – “Brother Gabriel”

 Ception Of Ty – “Brother Gabriel”

Incredible.  Purely incredible.

I’m almost at a complete loss for words when it comes to the music of Ception Of Ty, despite how much I’ve already written about them here in the past & will likely again write today here in talking about their single “Brother Gabriel,” the third single released prior to the release of their upcoming record called Essays On Nothing.  Believe me when I say, it’s tough to describe exactly what’s taking place in this band based out of Greece…it’s not that I wouldn’t have anything to say so much as words will never quite do the creativity & innovation of this duo the full justice that their music deserves.  Ception Of Ty is one of, if not THE, most decidedly different, interesting, and exciting acts from any corner of the map and within the music-scene today – I’ve said it before & I’m positive I’ll be saying that for quite some time to come.

“Brother Gabriel” is a perfect example of everything I’ve claimed about this crew and the authenticity you’ll find – there’s simply nothing out there like it right now, and if there is, I can damn near guarantee it’s not coming out with this insane level of quality, or I’d be here talking about that instead.  Taking a modern approach & malevolent twist to an age old character of the Bible and placing a unique & interpretive variation of who “Brother Gabriel” is within settings that are familiar to us, however brutal or strange, was yet another highlight example of the ingenuity you’ll find in this band & their music.  The sound of Ception Of Ty is relentlessly unique, always textured, engaging, and a wonderful alternative to anything else you’ll pump through your speakers…and the poetic lyricism that come along with these songs show a mastery of the language, a stunning grip on the power of imagery, and an entire selection of words that both visibly & audibly take what these guys are doing so far beyond mere music, into art.

And they do it, every…single…time!  Quite honestly, the staggering execution and ideas in this band’s material always stands out – and on “Brother Gabriel” you’ll even hear Ception Of Ty continue to dive into new moves through the production & structure in ways that also generate a strong appeal of its own.  Their performances are always spot-on, and the same immaculately high-standards they apply to every opportunity they take on, are certainly in effect here on “Brother Gabriel” as well – and when you realize just how truly different Ception Of Ty really IS, and just how incredible their average of great songs has been since we first started listening here back in 2018 with the brilliant single release of “Tell Me Stories About Your Leg” – you have to marvel at this insightful project and how many millions of years they are seriously ahead of the game.  I’d get it if you told me you couldn’t sing along…I’d understand if you were cruising down the highway and you wanted a gripping slice of real Rock to drive to, or a catchy Pop single…but lest we forget, music is here to serve many purposes and provide a whole range of experiences.  You’ll know when you’re in the mood for Ception Of Ty’s music – and believe me when I say, when you’re in that mode, you’ll dive right in to the whole catalog for hours & hours.  Songs like “Brother Gabriel” and so much of what they create have an extraordinarily mesmerizing quality to them…the music creates the perfect setting that always seems to have the most subtle intensity your ears could hope to stumble upon, and it’ll always lead you right to the mysterious narratives that fuel their work, with a voice that has the exact texture & tone to complement the entire vibe established.

I have nothing but love, and two thumbs way up in support, for what Ception Of Ty is creating.  They always come up with songs that are beyond compelling, and their videos…MAN!  It almost isn’t fair that they should be so amazing in TWO mediums…but that is indeed the case.  “Brother Gabriel” is another visual triumph every bit as much as an audible one – the video is spectacular and another solid addition to a growing catalog of curious sounds and scenes this band has created for us all to enjoy & try to piece together like a great mystery.  This band could theoretically continue on for forever and thrill us for years to come with the brilliant perspective, approach, and sound they have to art & music; and it’s in saying that, that without a single ounce of hyperbole in these words of mine…I sincerely hope they do.

We should all be celebrating uniqueness like this.

Make sure to find out more about Ception Of Ty from their official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/ceptionofty

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