Ception Of Ty – “Space Girl”

 Ception Of Ty – “Space Girl”

If you’ve been by our pages this month, chances are you’ve already stumbled upon one of the projects I’m super excited about this year, the duo known as Ception Of Ty, based out of Greece.  We posted up their single/video called “Tell Me Stories About Your Leg” and were seriously impressed by the high-level of art & uniqueness, poetry & music combined…so much so that I became quickly convinced through what I both heard & saw from Ception Of Ty, that ANY time we’d hear from them in the future would always be welcome.  I’m always stoked on hearing something different – but especially from a project you know really BRINGS IT like Ception Of Ty does…for Christos & Ntinos, nothing is ever off-limits & they completely commit to their exploratory ideas…they stuff so much imagination into their songs that it’s absolutely impossible to ignore & it certainly sets them apart from the rest of what’s happening out there in music in all the right ways.  They’re currently working on a brand-new album and more videos for us all (awesome news!!!) – but in the meantime, we’re keeping this project fresh in your thoughts & posting up their first single “Space Girl” here to take you further into the innovative artistic trip & captivating audio-experiences they create.  For real – projects this creatively intense don’t just come along every day – do the right thing and treat your mind & ears to this single from Ception Of Ty and attune yourself into their limitless world of sound by checking out “Space Girl” below!

Find more music from Ception Of Ty at Soundcloud here:  https://soundcloud.com/ntinos-tselis

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