Ception Of Ty – “The Ping Pong Song”

 Ception Of Ty – “The Ping Pong Song”

This band is so delightfully odd and artistic!

The duo of Ntinos (Music) and Christos (Vocals) have been enticing us all in slowly since about May of this year, with stunningly diverse & unique singles from their album Asymmetry Generosity…which up until now, has been upcoming.  That’s the BEST NEWS in this whole post people – the record is now OUT and available officially!  And if you’ve been looking forward to it as much as we have been here at SBS – believe me, it’s like Christmas came early!  Stoked to hear such an experimentally articulate band like Ception Of Ty finding their way out there and I can’t wait to check out this whole record.  I’ve loved everything I’ve heard so far…if you’ve been listening to the SBS Podcast lately then you certainly know how excited I am about the way this project combines spoken-word with brilliant soundscapes and intricate atmospheres that offer the ears something entirely different than anything else out there right now, because I ranted & raved about Ception Of Ty on the show before playing their lead-single & opening tune from Asymmetry Generosity called “Tell Me Stories About Your Leg.”  It’s hardly a secret at this point that I’ve been looking forward to this album more than most out there this year – so I’m completely jazzed about declaring it officially out there and ready for consumption, while at the same time, giving you yet another audible reason here via video that you want to go get yourself a copy of it.  “The Ping Pong Song” is another incredible example of how truly gifted Ntinos is and the amazing way he can make sound move through the imaginative music he creates…and of course, it couldn’t be Ception Of Ty without the signature sound of Christos’ stunning spoken word in the mix, so of course you get that too here.  In a true case of ‘we all gotta write about something’ – “The Ping Pong Song” is unafraid to embrace its weirdness and take the entire vibe for a tripped-out ride.  I truly can’t get enough of this band and I absolutely hope that Asymmetry Generosity is the start of a very long & very awesome career over the years to follow.

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