Ception Of Ty – “Tell Me Stories About Your Leg”

 Ception Of Ty – “Tell Me Stories About Your Leg”

Sign me up for THIS!  I’m all about what Ception Of Ty have going on in this extraordinary single “Tell Me Stories About Your Leg” – what a brilliant combination of art & music!  This duo from Athens, Greece, have been collaborating on all kinds of different projects over the past four years or so, ranging from film-scores & soundtrack work to what they’re doing now with the stunningly imaginative sounds of Ception Of Ty.  Christos Pitharas creates an absolutely astounding vibe through the way he delivers the spoken-word, giving the words an incredibly haunting texture and wisdom that perfectly fits into the subtly colorful ideas in the music made by Ntinos Tselis.  Pure art from any way that you can examine it, “Tell Me Stories About Your Leg” is breathtakingly fresh from every angle.  From the gripping sound of Christos’ vocals, to the ever enticing & curious sounds that Ntinos provides, it all adds up to a unique music experience that immediately makes you want to hear MORE from Ception Of Ty, just to find out what they might do next!  And as if things couldn’t get any better, this exceptionally talented artistic duo found a way to raise the stakes even higher with a fantastic video that is visually hypnotic, serene, and a perfect match for the vibe they’re creating.  Seriously people…this was incredibly cool to experience from the song to the video…and if you dig on art & music together like we all do here at this corner of the internet, you’re gonna wanna check this out for yourself – so go on and do that!  Click play on “Tell Me Stories About Your Leg” by Ception Of Ty below!

Find more music from Ception Of Ty at Soundcloud here:  https://soundcloud.com/ntinos-tselis

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