Ception Of Ty – “Dream Of Dying”

 Ception Of Ty – “Dream Of Dying”

One of our favorite experimental/art+music projects that we’ve stumbled upon this year is back with more amazing audio/visual reasons to love’em – Ception Of Ty has just released the new video/single for “Dream Of Dying” and continues to show the world their bold uniqueness.  All the way from Greece – the combined duo of Ntinos and Christos are consistently hitting the mark in this collaborative effort, revealing depths in music that have yet to be fully explored and charging into creative territory that’s limitless in potential & possibilities for the future.  Often combining odd, bizarre, & beautiful soundscapes to their music just like they are here on their latest single “Dream Of Dying,” alongside spoken-word filled with brilliant lyrical imagery that is often as thought-provoking & haunting as it is vividly imaginative.  At their most focused, songs like “Tell Me Stories About Your Leg” and their new song “Dream Of Dying” from their upcoming record show that Ception Of Ty is an artistic force to be reckoned with, serving up something entirely unique that hits the mark from concept to quality in the finished product, with videos that are extremely compelling to watch, like flashes of thoughts or memories onscreen coming through as you listen.  I could listen to Christos read me the phone book – the texture & sound of his voice is absolutely amazing to listen to – and the music from Ntinos is magnificently impressive in how endlessly creative it can be and the colorful choices he makes in his compositions.  Together they’re making serious art that completely entertains.

As it’s put so incredibly well in the words that float through the sound of “Dream Of Dying,” Christos says “These are the best dreams I have.

Well brother – it’s songs like you guys are making that are worth waking up for & what gets me out of bed in the morning!

Check it out for yourself – Ception Of Ty are dialed right in to the creativity & freedom that art & music have to offer – have a look/listen to their latest single/video for “Dream Of Dying” below!

Make sure to check out their previous singles on YouTube as well – find songs from Ception Of Ty below!

”Tell Me Stories About Your Leg” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbXfcaaN27Y
”Space Girl” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Evsj2lyHUwA

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