Atratune – “I’m A Waiver”

 Atratune – “I’m A Waiver”

Atratune – “I’m A Waiver” – Single Review

You know what I’m starting to like about the reliable uplifting energy in Atratune’s music a whole lot these days is just how consistent it’s become.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say this project’s ever been on shaky ground, but as I’ve noted in the most recent reviews on Atratune here at the pages, it’s music that’s certainly becoming more & more reliable as time goes by.  Reliable in the sense that you know, chances are Atratune is gonna bring a smile to your day – but also equally reliable for quality now, 100%.

The new single “I’m A Waiver” sets Atratune off adrift into comforting island-influenced vibes and dreaming of escape as a young child growing up, looking for that outlet for his creativity & place in the world as the song begins.  Whether or not the story directly continues on from where it starts, or is simply more implied through the fact that Samer Abou Hassan, creator of Atratune’s music, is here with us today to make the music he does.  At some point, you to assume he made that escape, permanently.  And here we are, with “I’m A Waiver” and the fact that he’s released multiple singles over the past couple years…he’s found that ability to express himself as an artist and the freedom/time to create.  We do end up having to somewhat fill in those blanks on our own however…and perhaps there’s still some room for Atratune to grow when it comes to the focus of the lyrics from point-A to point-B in a song; that being said, it’s not always something that seriously matters and certainly not something required by all artists/bands out there.  Atratune starts this story off on “I’m A Waiver” with a tangible thread that you can pull on your own…he gives you the outline & framework, and the rest is up to you – like I’ve been saying, it’s safe to say he found the escape he was looking for by the mere fact he’s with us today.

I’ve got no real complaints, nor am I hearing anything in the music or vocals I’d recommend changing – he’s done really well here once again.  I think the chilled-out & pleasant vibes of “I’m A Waiver” make it a bit hard to get too excited to the point where you’re gonna stand up & cheer for it, but I think it’s also another really strong song in the Atratune catalog that connects right to the heart & core of that signature sweetness in this project that people are beginning to know, love, and of course by nature, somewhat expect.  Facts are what they are; not every single out there is gonna blow the doors off your speakers & stereos…not every one of them is going to quite make the impact we’re always hoping they will – sometimes, we’re just adding to our catalog with another high-caliber tune that maintains the standards and holds the line of quality – and I feel like that’s where Atratune is at with “I’m A Waiver.”  Essentially, this project is continuing on what’s been a solid run of single-worthy tunes and highly inviting sounds just like you’ll experience on “I’m A Waiver” – Atratune is stocked full of friendly, warm, and pleasant sounds that always stack up to a significantly good time to be had by all listening, & this latest songs of his is no exception to that rule.

As is also quite the standard for this project, “I’m A Waiver” comes along with an equally lighthearted video to come along with it.  You’ve got an animated cartoon crossed with whiteboard-style drawings happening throughout the background, and lyrics right there onscreen.  Slip away into some vacation-like vibes and a song for your summer with Atratune’s latest single “I’m A Waiver” – he’s got bright hooks ready to happily snag your attention from the verse to chorus, and music that certainly welcomes you in at every possible opportunity & passing second.  Whether or not every word will make a whole lot of sense here, or whether this storyline fully connects may be more up for debate this time around – but the overall vibe, atmosphere, and message of blissful freedom through music, is fully on display.  Not every song out there has to be loaded with meaning from beginning to end – sometimes you just want a reliable sound that you can chill-out & relax with…a song that’s fun & that’s gonna bring a smile to your face.  That’s where Atratune comes in with “I’m A Waiver” – it’ll accomplish all that & more.

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