Atratune – “I’m A Waiver”

Atratune – “I’m A Waiver” – Single Review You know what I’m starting to like about the reliable uplifting energy in Atratune’s music a whole lot these days is just how consistent it’s become.  I wouldn’t go as far as to say this project’s ever been on shaky ground, but as I’ve noted in the […]Read More

Atratune – “Day Goes By”/”After Midnight”

Atratune – “Day Goes By”/”After Midnight” – Singles Review As I pulled up the Soundcloud page for Atratune and began to listen to one of these new singles here in review, called “Day Goes By,” I couldn’t help but feel someone already beat me to the main point I’d be making while I looked over […]Read More

Atratune – “Steel Highway”/”Without You”

Atratune – “Steel Highway”/”Without You” – Singles Review My how things can change in just six short months! Don’t get me wrong, we’ve heard all kinds of different sounds from Atratune in 2018 and heard the dude evolve in several ways in the singles we’ve heard him create – but like…I mean…right there in the […]Read More

Atratune – “Everything”

Atratune – “Everything” – Single Review As expected, the sweetness of Atratune’s approach comes shining through the sentiment & sound of his single “Everything.”  If you’ve been following along here at the homepage, you’re well familiar with the Atratune name at this point after several reviews and you’ve already experienced us bouncing around in his […]Read More

Atratune – “Destiny”/”The Only One”

Atratune – “Destiny”/”The Only One” – Singles Review Like I had mentioned on the SBS Podcast in our latest episode, Atratune has already had quite a busy year!  Videos & music of all kinds, thousands upon thousands of plays on his channels continuing to rack up – the support behind the ever-sweet sound of Atratune […]Read More

SBS Podcast 049

What an entire variety of all-out awesomeness on today’s show! We get right into details on what’s happening with the Atratune project – AND what’s goin’ on in the debut of Hip-Hop artist SUMiT – AND an interview with Roman Kharkovsky – AND tunes from each and every one of them plus MORE? All in […]Read More

Atratune – “In The City”

Atratune – “In The City” – Music Video Release/Review I’m starting to get the impression that Samer Abou Hassan almost can’t help but become a light in your day through the music he makes as Atratune.  We’ve been checking out his songs over this past couple weeks and he always seems to have the ability […]Read More

Atratune – “Be My Baby”

Continue on into the animated adventures & music of Samer Abou Hassan in his new project Atratune as he celebrates love in all seasons in the latest video for his single “Be My Baby” – have a click on it below & take a listen to the easygoing vibe this artist has goin’ on! Find […]Read More