Atratune – “Everything”

 Atratune – “Everything”

Atratune – “Everything” – Single Review

As expected, the sweetness of Atratune’s approach comes shining through the sentiment & sound of his single “Everything.”  If you’ve been following along here at the homepage, you’re well familiar with the Atratune name at this point after several reviews and you’ve already experienced us bouncing around in his timeline as we listened to different songs from throughout his career.  The intentions always radiate sincerity with a tendency to really push towards making music that inspires those listening – you gotta admire a pursuit like that, Atratune truly exists to provide a good time.  “Everything” takes us back to about four months ago, with just a cheap microphone, one take, and an innocent idea that has since gone on to blossom into scores of hits with people seeking out more of that Atratune sound they’re falling so easily in love with.  While it might be a looser idea and approach – you’ll still find that dose of happiness and inviting melody that’s fast becoming a hallmark & signature staple of Atratune’s music.

And while it might not have the glossiest of mixes to match the flashy sound & bright island vibes, the earnest sound of Atratune in the raw is still well worth a listen.  A collaboration that has the man behind the music Samer Abou Hassan singing humbly with a gentle beat & subtle guitar lines while trading-off the mic with an exceptional guest performance providing the rhythm & rap to “Everything.  The idea itself works…you dust this song off a little and it’s a shiny-single that has radio-worthy qualities that shine throughout it.  From the smooth & invitational sound of Samer’s vocal hooks in the chorus, and the brilliant, enthusiastic, and energetic vibes put forth in the rap – it all adds up to a solid collaboration where each player involved contributes a strong element in the writing & performance that the song couldn’t live without.  I can’t say enough about the featured guests on this cut (And Samer needs to do like, a waaaaaaay better job of labeling these songs online!) – what I can tell you for sure is that these added vocals to “Everything” completely hit the mark – that’s where the magic of this song really shines.

It’s well played, it’s chilled-out and enticing to listen to…it might still be somewhat of an idea in incubation – but the reality is that even now in its rough form, there’s a humble sound that really works.  Like many of the tunes out there from Atratune, the more you listen to “Everything,” the more you grow to like it; any slight imperfections become part of the honest character in the approach to songwriting – and it becomes more easily accepted by our ears as a result.  Because you’ll listen to a song like “Everything” and come to realize, that no matter what form the songs come in – those intentions always remain good ones, and Atratune continues to demonstrate the celebration of the very act of making music in some way or another on all the songs I’ve experienced so far.  People are connecting with Atratune as a result of that sincerity…things don’t need to be perfect all the time, especially when the ideas are there.  “Everything” is a great example of that – it has Atratune presented in a vulnerable & humble light that I think people will certainly appreciate.  Essentially, it’s not music that’s trying to impress you – but there’s a great chance that it will because of the fact that it’s not trying too hard to be anything other than the honest representation of the Atratune vibe and that inclusive feeling that seems to beckon each and every one of our ears to join in.  My favorite hooks come right before the two-minute mark and again around 2:40 before the end of the song…but that’s neither here nor there – it’s all inviting to listen to and even in its rawest form, and like here on “Everything” – Atratune consistently delivers a sweetness you can depend & rely on to bring a smile to your soul.

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