Atratune – “In The City”

 Atratune – “In The City”

Atratune – “In The City” – Music Video Release/Review

I’m starting to get the impression that Samer Abou Hassan almost can’t help but become a light in your day through the music he makes as Atratune.  We’ve been checking out his songs over this past couple weeks and he always seems to have the ability to induce a smile (or several) through the genuine sincerity you can hear in his words, vocals, and sentiment.

Timeline-wise, we’re going backwards in his catalogue to a tune he released prior to “So Beautiful” and the other video we’ve checked out so far, called “Be My Baby” – “In The City” predates both.  So cats outta the bag here Samer…this one’s already tried, tested, & true…it’s already racked up thousands of hits and he doesn’t need confirmation from me or anyone else about the quality of this single, the proof is already out there and visible in the numbers.  Makes sense to me – I thought both the previous singles were pretty good, the videos as well, but I gotta admit, I think this one does his sound the most justice from what I’ve heard from him so far.  Another rad animated video to go with it, this time doubling as a lyric video, visibly even higher-tech than the ones we’ve seen & with a totally different style/look as well.

Atratune has definitely dialed-in to what makes for an invitational sound when it comes to music.  Everything about this guy seems to be warm & welcoming to listen to.  “In The City” in my opinion, is also one of the best performances I’ve heard from him to-date, spot-on with his smooth vocal sound and adding high-doses of authentic charm into his writing & performance.  It could very well be that, what inspires Samer is something we can all appreciate – he writes about love – and believe me when I say, this world can ALWAYS use another ally on the forefront of spreading positivity like he’s become.  Whether it’s been “Be My Baby,” “In The City,” or his latest cut “So Beautiful” – he’s steadfast in his ability to communicate one of our most universally shared emotions with genuine heart.  You can HEAR that the music he makes is important to him…that the messages of love are important to him…that passing those feelings on to YOU is every bit as important to him as all the rest – and I think that counts for something.  There’s a humble honesty you can always connect with in Atratune’s music…and I truly believe that hearts & minds from all over out there will fall in love with a sweet song like “In The City.”

Another job well done and certainly no complaints from me.  Atratune is cruising along at a beautiful pace and this project continues to express positivity and love in all directions, in all the right ways.

Check out the stunning video for “In The City” from Atratune below – and follow the links underneath it to more music you’re sure to enjoy.





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