ATLS PLAZA N.D. – “Part 49”

 ATLS PLAZA N.D. – “Part 49”

ATLS PLAZA N.D. – “Part 49” – Music Video Post

Ya can’t tell me that y’ain’t feelin’ this – you and I both KNOW that you ARE.  You can try to resist the supremely innovative digital rhythms and grooves that flow fluidly throughout the length of ATLS PLAZA N.D.’s latest single “Part 49” from the MANU EP…but why?  Why do that to yourself?  You DESERVE to listen to great music – so treat yourself & your ears to something awesome, ‘cause this dude’s supplyin.’

If you checked out one of the last episodes of the SBS Podcast, you’d have heard this spectacular cut from our Vaporwave hero played right there on the show – and of course, we’ve got the video posted up here to follow up & keep this dude front & center of your minds and right at the top of your playlists.  More good news on that front too – if you tune into the next episode of our show coming up this week, you’ll find us playing the other half of the MANU EP and talkin’ about ATLS PLAZA N.D. a whole bunch more.  YES this is what I do – but don’t get it twisted; I’m no mercenary & I can’t be bought – if I’m tellin’ ya that this cat right here is well worth your attention, you can put that quote in-print & repeat it back to me years later & I’ll still stand behind it as the 100% gospel truth.  The facts are the facts y’all – ATLS PLAZA N.D. just happens to be really, really damn good at what he does – the proof is right there in the music and doesn’t need a single word from me or anyone else out there to confirm it – your ears will.

Your eyeballs too for that matter – ATLS PLAZA N.D. has been gettin’ stellar anime vids put together to support these tunes he’s been putting out there into the world, and “Part 49” is the latest to get its own visual accompaniment.  There’s no denying the effectiveness of this approach – people all of the world, including myself, dig on cartoons & animation of all kinds…ultimately, it’s a seriously winning strategy that can be implemented time & time again, and chance are, you’ll never hear a single complaint.  Plus, if you play your cards right and build it all from the ground up, stay consistent & whatnot…it can become an identifiable part of your signature style if that’s what you choose to do with it…which seems to be the case when it comes to the videos being released by ATLS PLAZA N.D. as he continues to break significant ground with his music in all corners of the online realm.  Assembled by TEAM AYAKASHI, “Part 49” is entirely seamless with their professional editing and spectacular timing from scene to scene as you watch – and combined with this incredibly addictive cut from ATLS PLAZA N.D., this single ends up in what you might call one of those no-lose scenarios.  Doesn’t really matter if you end up hearing it first & watching it after, or vice versa; one way or the other, this is entertainment designed to pull you right in.

There you go!  Now you see, now you hear, now you start to understand the high degree of appeal in what ATLS PLAZA N.D. is creating from sight to sound!  “Part 49” is the kind of exploratory vibe that deserved a set of kickass visuals to go along with it, and thanks to the man partnering up with TEAM AYAKASHI, that’s exactly what we’ve got here.  As I mentioned on the SBS Podcast an episode or two ago in talking about “Part 49” on our show, it’s the kind of cut that’s got the flexible dynamics and level of imagination you wanna hear…you add in a flashy & eye-catching video like it’s got supporting it now, and there’s every chance a track like this goes far & wide across the internet, which you can see by the numbers, is already happening quickly.  Like I also said on our show, there’s good reason for that – clearly I’m a fan of this digital hero here, but the reality also is, I’d put what I hear on the MANU EP easily up there with the best I’ve heard from ATLS PLAZA N.D. to-date without question.  The subtle chill and mellow atmospheric depth in a track like “Part 49” is impossible to ignore, and gives you every reason to want to listen on repeat for its crystal clarity in the melody, and innovative ideas on display through the production & transitions that ATLS PLAZA N.D. makes as he morphs this single from MANU in multiple directions over its length.  The real bottom line is that it’s always pleasantly reassuring when an artist’s current work sounds like their best work, wouldn’t you say?  I’m nothing but stoked about the direction that ATLS PLAZA N.D. has been moving in and the way his Vaporwave music has been evolving.

There’s genuinely a whole lot to love here.  Whether it’s the innate creativity or intellectual IDM twists that ATLS PLAZA N.D. patterns into his music with surgical precision, or the authentic professionalism he brings to his production, or the flawless fluidity of the visuals he’s added to support his songs – one way or the other, he’s giving his tunes every chance of reaching you listeners & viewers out there around the globe.  “Part 49” brings the battles scenes, it brings in the fiery passion & emotion into the visual aspect, and I mean…c’mon y’all – the stunning colors and rapid-paced, flashy edits are endlessly addictive to watch.  It’s comforting to see & hear artists like ATLS PLAZA N.D. proudly blazing their own trail and carving out their pathway forward – tracks like “Part 49” and the MANU EP’s other cut called “108” are both stellar examples of how this dude is continually pushing forward towards that next level, wherever it may take him.  I highly admire the amount of skill & talent on display in the music of ATLS PLAZA N.D., and I’m genuinely mesmerized by the care put into every detail from the way his songs move, to the way that they sound.  To say the least, this dude’s got some seriously great things goin’ on already, and all indications point towards an even brighter future ahead.  “Part 49” is a remarkable example of ATLS PLAZA N.D.’s uniqueness and exquisite skillset, another highlight in his growing catalog of songs online, and a fantastic use of your time that’ll have you stoked about every second you hear – if this dedicated artist keeps his level of determination & focus as sharp as it is on the MANU EP, he’ll be the future of Vaporwave.

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