SBS Podcast 142

 SBS Podcast 142

You know what time it is y’all – tune in & turn up for the SBS Podcast!

We’ve got a full set of electrifyin’ diversity for ya on today’s episode, gathered from far & wide throughout the independent music-scene, as always. Join us for a spin through tunes by Joho, Justin Llamas, Plike, Twofish, d i z m a t i o n, and Blankiflur in the mix today – and be sure to pay attention – we’ll also be talking about the latest happening in the music of MasterMonk, ATLS PLAZA N.D., and nasmore on this episode as well.  We’re here to supply ya with a Wednesday show that’ll keep your energy flowin’ in the right direction as you battle to make it to the weekend – so come get some incredible independent music in your speakers with the SBS Podcast!

Your official show lineup includes:

Twofish – “Asha”

nasmore – “Mind In A Maze” Feat. RyanMusiq

Joho – “Indigo’s Odyssey”

ATLS PLAZA N.D. – “Part 49”

d i z m a t i o n – “Humanizer”

Justin Llamas – “After You”

Blankiflur – “Connected”

MasterMonk – “Wild Geese Landing On The Sandbank” / “Dance Of The Yao Tribe”

Plike – “Strange Melancholy”

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