SBS Podcast 144

We hit up the show early at the start of the year in January, and we’re back to do it again here this month with another episode stockpiled with independent awesomeness straight outta the gate in February as well.  Join us as we dive further into the music of ATLS PLAZA N.D., and take you […]Read More

ATLS PLAZA N.D. – “Part 49”

ATLS PLAZA N.D. – “Part 49” – Music Video Post Ya can’t tell me that y’ain’t feelin’ this – you and I both KNOW that you ARE.  You can try to resist the supremely innovative digital rhythms and grooves that flow fluidly throughout the length of ATLS PLAZA N.D.’s latest single “Part 49” from the […]Read More


ATLS PLAZA N.D. – Manu – EP Review Towards the end of last year, we had the pleasure of checking out this curious musical oddity known as ATLS PLAZA N.D. in a review of the ME/NOT ME EP, and discovered a quick connection to the amount of authenticity & creativity taking place within the multi-dimensional […]Read More

SBS Podcast 142

You know what time it is y’all – tune in & turn up for the SBS Podcast! We’ve got a full set of electrifyin’ diversity for ya on today’s episode, gathered from far & wide throughout the independent music-scene, as always. Join us for a spin through tunes by Joho, Justin Llamas, Plike, Twofish, d […]Read More

SBS Podcast 141

Straight outta the gate and ready to take over 2022 – the SBS Podcast is back in action from day one this January, ready to start up the new year with some of that irresistible independent music you love from this incredible scene we share.  As always, we’ve got tons of stellar cuts in the […]Read More

ATLS PLAZA N.D. – “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness”

ATLS PLAZA N.D. – “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness” – Music Video Post To think that I’m somehow going to have to get through pronouncing “Multi-paradoxical Consciousness” again for the upcoming episode of the SBS Podcast…it’s a daunting task ahead of me y’all – no joke, I sit here and say the name of this tune out loud […]Read More


ATLS PLAZA N.D. – ME / NOT ME – EP Review If you tuned into the SBS Podcast earlier today, you’re already ahead of the game here and have heard some of my thoughts on the music of ATLS PLAZA N.D., based outta L.A., and you would have had a listen to half of the […]Read More

SBS Podcast 138

Back with the second-half of our supreme harvest from September’s Bandcamp Friday special + a whole schwack of amazing new tunes to talk about along the way – it’s that magical time of the week y’all – tune in & turn up for the SBS Podcast!  Proof Of Purchase! Vol. 17 in fact!  Our undying […]Read More