Month: <span>January 2023</span>

Brannon – Heartbreak Is Misery

Brannon – Heartbreak Is Misery – Album Review We might have a tale of two halves here… For an album called Heartbreak Is Misery, it sure starts on an uplifting track called “We Are Powerful.”  If you were expecting something that resembled the kind of “Misery” something like Soul Asylum produced back in the day, […]Read More

MJ FLAWS – Me And My Friends Are Dead.

MJ FLAWS – Me And My Friends Are Dead. – Album Review Ayyyyy…it’s MJ FLAWS!  Welcome back homie. It was back in April 2020 that we first tuned into this dude’s music when he released his debut record Army Of The Brokenhearted Boys & Girls, and by summertime that year, we had him included in […]Read More

Mr Streetz – Wins & Bosses

Mr Streetz – Wins & Bosses – Album Review I practically had to do a double-take in looking at the pages of Mr Streetz online.  Was all this music really created over the course of a single year?  That’s inspiring to say the least brother.  According to his bio online, and the releases you see […]Read More

Dethhaus – Dethhaus 2

Dethhaus – Dethhaus 2 – EP Review We continue on the path of exploring what it sounds like when Johnny Void checks things off his bucket list, like we did back in September of 2022 when we listened to a record called All Washed Up from his other band called X-Ray Youth, that was about […]Read More

Ozurie – “To The Moon” / “Bend”

Ozurie – “To The Moon” / “Bend” – Singles Review This band and I are gonna get along just fine, yessir.  The massive amount of sonic depth in these two cuts is practically everything I get up each and every morning hoping to find.  Very similar to something like Failure, a band that is never […]Read More

Marcellus – “Notice”

Marcellus – “Notice” – Single Review Shaken, not stirred…as the ol’ saying goes. Marcellus knows how to make a drink y’all, which you’ll see happenin’ directly onscreen in the new video he’s got put together to support his single “Notice” – and from what you’ll hear pouring through your speakers, it’s clear he knows how […]Read More

Klacc1315 – “NIGHTMARE In Texas” / “Patricia-Wockeisha”

Klacc1315 – “NIGHTMARE In Texas” / “Patricia-Wockeisha” – Singles Review “Let’s go!” Representing N.T.A Records – we’ve got Klacc1315 back up on our pages.  It’s been a minute, but not too long – the name should still be fresh in your mind from posting the man up here back in August of last year when […]Read More

Blunt Objects – Pointy Rounds

Blunt Objects – Pointy Rounds – Album Review Well that…is definitely a rubbery beginning.  I ain’t saying that’s as a bad thing, just an observation is all.  “Downtown” sounds like it’s the recorded version of what a bungee cord experiences.  It works well enough…it’s another Bill Owens project, but more of a noticeable bend towards […]Read More

DID NOT! – (Did So)

DID NOT! – (Did So) – Album Review All this back & forth I tell ya…DID NOT!, (Did So)…I mean…it sure seems and sounds like SOMETHING happened, can we all agree on that?  Otherwise how did I get here?  I only tend to show up in people’s lives when there’s music to be listened to…but […]Read More

California – California Loves You

California – California Loves You – Album Review I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right.  If there’s one place on earth that needs MORE songs written about it, it’s clearly California.  Has it ever even been done before (this week?)?  It has?  Oh!  Many and multiple times, each and every year you say?  Since […]Read More