Month: <span>January 2023</span>

Dadanaut – Zeitnarren

Dadanaut – Zeitnarren – Album Review Hopefully you all still remember the name Dadanaut…it was just slightly over a month ago, way back in the year 2022 that we last posted this project up on our pages in a review of the album Epopoee, so the moniker really should still be fresh in your mind.  […]Read More

Basement Prophet – “Catch My Vibe” Feat. Nanouk

Basement Prophet – “Catch My Vibe” Feat. Nanouk – Music Video Post Consider it caught Basement Prophet!  Y’all might remember this dude from the tail end of last year when we posted up his single/video “Die Abrechnung” here at our pages – and as it turns out, the man is already back in action this […]Read More

Hormesis – “Doom Riders”

Hormesis – “Doom Riders” – Single Review Holy shit am I dumb!  For real y’all…as I’ve told ya many times throughout the years, I know about one thing and one thing alone – what sounds good.  Anything beyond that, I am dumb, dumb, dumb as a rock.  Don’t get me wrong, I do attempt to […]Read More

Neon Radiation – Neon Radiation II

Neon Radiation – Neon Radiation II – Album Review You know…it’s interesting…the mastermind of Neon Radiation, Gary Blake, continues to be in search of writing and producing “the perfect Pop song” one day, yet in my opinion, he pretty much already did.  Back when I heard the single “Underdog” in 2018, I was basically convinced […]Read More

Any Hot Drinks – 3223

Any Hot Drinks – 3223 – EP Review Here’s a lil’ something different for ya! Intentionally different too for that matter…I’m not just saying that in some kind of awkward way to get around the fact that Any Hot Drinks ain’t exactly what you’d find on the surface of the mainstream.  These dudes are settin’ […]Read More

Ludwik Konopko – “Travels”

Ludwik Konopko – “Travels” – Music Video Post If you’ve read any of the reviews I’ve written on the instrumental music of Ludwik Konopko in the past, you already know full-well that I think the world of this man’s musicianship and the sincerity he brings to every note he’s ever played.  From what I’ve heard […]Read More

Doc Jazz – “Friendzone”

Doc Jazz – “Friendzone” – Single Review Well now…it’s been more than a minute or two since we’ve had Doc Jazz up on our pages, has it not?  I remember this quirky cat from back in 2017 when we reviewed a track he had circulatin’ called “It Takes Love” featuring Toy Matthews…heck – that’s nearly […]Read More

Addictive Accidents – The New World Order

Addictive Accidents – The New World Order – EP Review We’ve got a collective in the building y’all – listen up! If I remember correctly…and I’m sure that I do…we were introduced to parts of Addictive Accidents last year in August when I was reviewing a record by a dude goin’ by the name of […]Read More

nasmore – “Welcome To The Hell” Feat. Neil Taylor &

nasmore – “Welcome To The Hell” Feat. Neil Taylor & La Strange – Single Review “Welcome To The Hell,” you say, eh nasmore?  That’s one heck of a way to say Happy New Year I tell ya. So let’s see here…let’s see…how do I feel about this new single from our Canadian friend…what do I […]Read More

Samona – Song In The Night

Samona – Song In The Night – EP Review “How did I get here?” asks Samona in the opening track “Cycles” of her brand-new EP Song In The Night that she’s been working on for the past year.  Good question of course, but the answer’s actually very easy for me to answer…or for anyone listening […]Read More