Klacc1315 – “NIGHTMARE In Texas” / “Patricia-Wockeisha”

 Klacc1315 – “NIGHTMARE In Texas” / “Patricia-Wockeisha”

Klacc1315 – “NIGHTMARE In Texas” / “Patricia-Wockeisha” – Singles Review

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Representing N.T.A Records – we’ve got Klacc1315 back up on our pages.  It’s been a minute, but not too long – the name should still be fresh in your mind from posting the man up here back in August of last year when we reviewed his tracks “My Way” and “Klacc & Mudd.”  If it is, great, you’re ahead of the game and clearly savvy with what you listen to in the Trap realm…and if not, we’ve got him up here now for you to get acquainted all over again – you’re welcome!  Straight from the stage, you get a solid look at how Klacc1315 comes out to claim his space and hit his bars on this clip from “NIGHTMARE In Texas,” which I appreciate.  Obviously as a music-reviewer I get the opportunity to listen to tracks from all over the world, but unless those same artists or bands land in my backyard way over here in Canada, chances are, it’s rare to get to see what would happen in a live performance.  I dig that you can see Klacc1315 has got presence, he’s got confidence, and he knows how to play to a crowd.  Not to brag on the man’s behalf either, but you can see he’s makin’ it happen before a packed house too y’all…there ain’t a whole lot of space for anyone else to even get in by the time he hits the stage, which is clearly a good sign that we’re not the only ones that have been paying attention to Klacc1315.  You can see the crowd is into it, you can see Klacc1315 gettin’ love from the fans up front, and you can tell he’s got that kind of LARGE personality required to get the crowd on board quickly & keep’em focused on the main star of the show.  “NIGHTMARE In Texas” is a solid way to open a show and reveal the man’s extreme swagger & style right from the drop…most importantly, you can see he doesn’t get rattled by a bit of feedback as he starts to spit his bars…if anything, you can tell it fueled him with that extra spark of energy to hit the next bars even harder.  Ready to perform, “NIGHTMARE In Texas” gives you a taste of what he’s capable of without giving away the whole story – to get that, ya just might have to cop tickets of your own!

Where I think Klacc1315 shows that he’s got those real next-level skills though, is in this track I’ve got here called “Patricia-Wockeisha” that was released on the record Texa-Fornia last year in 2022.  I’ll admit…Klacc1315 is rockin’ with really short cuts at the moment…and if anything, that’s probably the spot he’s got the most opportunity to continue to evolve and expand his craft even more – but in terms of keepin’ it tight for the time he’s using, the man’s all aces, and “Patricia-Wockeisha” is full proof.  You can’t help but notice the personality of Klacc1315 and the uniqueness he brings to the Trap game on this single…he uses the natural rhythm of the words on “Patricia-Wockeisha” to his advantage at all times.  It all stands out dynamically, just the way you’d want to hear it…and you can tell that Klacc1315 has the real desire & drive to not only succeed with his career, but truly excel & thrive in everything he creates.  There’s tangible authenticity and identity in the way Klacc1315 raps, and in the long run, that’s the type of shit that really counts and pays off.  The more we hear him & his music, the more we can’t mistake him for anyone else, you feel me?  There ain’t a whole lot about “Patricia-Wockeisha” that makes for what the industry would consider to be a typical single for sure, but once again, that’s to his advantage as far as I can tell.  Rather than follow the well-worn path of those that have come before him, it’s much better to blaze your own trail if you’ve got the stones to do it, and it definitely seems like Klacc1315 is THAT dude.  “Patricia-Wockeisha” is wild when it comes right down to it…for all of 1:38, you’ve gotta seriously admire just how memorable it is & how it reveals the star-power of this mic mogul.


Make sure to find out more about Klacc1315 from the official N.T.A Records spot at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/3TeH8YkoE6pQQX5EjjOcr8

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