Month: <span>January 2023</span>

Joseph James – “Valentine”

Joseph James – “Valentine” – Singles Review C’mon man.  I just got through the whole Christmas season, which technically lasts forever and a day because people can’t wait for Halloween to pass before they start pumpin’ out those seasonal specials, and then like, New Year’s Eve and Day were only like…what…still measurable in hours ago?  […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 168

Check out the latest set of live tunes released from our mighty vault of musical archives here at sleepingbagstudios & have a listen to Stone Poets from a private set in Ottawa from back in 2019 – and stick around for a flash-forward into the future with a bonus live cut from Angelique Francis Band […]Read More

12-GAUG3 – “I Need You” Feat CRXWN / “Someone To

12-GAUG3 – “I Need You” Feat CRXWN / “Someone To Hold” – Singles Review January 2nd!  I tell ya folks…it never takes long.  Usually I’m a bit further into the year before I find that artist or band that makes me ask the question “WHERE have YOU been?” – but here we are, on the […]Read More

ArvSan – Beyond Recognition

ArvSan – Beyond Recognition – EP Review Let’s get this year goin’ y’all…I’m looking forward to an incredible 2023 and I hope you all are too. ArvSan definitely has plenty of reasons to look forward to this year, given that he finished the last one off on such a high note with the release of […]Read More

WALL OF FAME: Best New Sound of 2022 – FZY

The SBS Top 10 Of 2022:  #01 – FZY – Act 4: Floating From the moment we started listening to FZY’s music back in 2016, there was an intense feeling that this dude was the ultimate in creativity and the perennial underdog at the very same time.  We got in on the ground floor more […]Read More