Month: <span>May 2022</span>

iLUMiNATiVE – Shapeshifter

iLUMiNATiVE – Shapeshifter – EP Review That’s quite the roar that this record starts with – it’s damn near intimidating to listen to! Of course…perhaps that should be expected – we are dealing with Nu-Metal here today after all – and when it’s done RIGHT, you get intensity like you’ll find on iLUMiNATiVE’s new EP […]Read More

Stray Tablet – Singles

Stray Tablet – Singles Review If there was ever a reason as to why I tend to take as long as I do with the music I’m listening to, Stray Tablet is a perfect example of how that’s important.  Some artists & bands out there in this scene we share are very much like a […]Read More

Brian Lindsay – Revival

Brian Lindsay – Revival – Album Review Interesting!  As much as I tend to struggle with what I’d consider to be fairly straight-ahead Rock N’ Roll after all these years spent listening to music, I gotta admit, I’ve still got a lot of love for the genre when it’s done right.  After pushing play on […]Read More

Luanne Hunt – “Brave American Girl”

Luanne Hunt – “Brave American Girl” – Single Review Alrighty…so…lemme start by sayin’ that if you’re a regular reader of these pages of ours, you know I’ve got love for Luanne Hunt and much of the music she’s released over the years since I’ve been listening from back around 2018 – that seems like a […]Read More

Nova Cascade

Official Press Release Nova Cascade Is Set To Break Major Ground With Their 4th Record – The Navigator Is Taking Off 09/23! After the incredible success and critical acclaim for the intensely imaginative songs on their third record Back From The Brink released last year, UK-based Prog Rock band Nova Cascade became immediately inspired to […]Read More

Boy Barrentino – Battle With Myself

Boy Barrentino – Battle With Myself – Album Review “What’s Good,” asks Boy Barrentino?  Well this record right here homie, ain’t it?.  #Yessir Not too much more you can ever ask for in a listening experience than to immediately feel like you’re catching the vibe – and straight off the drop, from the moment that […]Read More

IncognitoDre – “Boom (Ouu)”

IncognitoDre – “Boom (Ouu)” – Audio Post Ain’t no doubt about it – IncognitoDre knows how to put the work in.  From the sheer precision of his rap, to the blazing speed he uses – the man’s got a combination of swagger & skill that’s bound to get noticed.  However he’s makin’ the magic happen, […]Read More

SEXSOMNIA – “Catharsis”

SEXSOMNIA – “Catharsis” – Single Review This can be an extremely tough business when it comes to truly knowing what to draw attention to & what to let slide…we’re gonna get into that a bit here when it comes to this new single from our pals friends in SEXSOMNIA, based out of good ol’ Montreal…not […]Read More

Alexia Trif – “Lucid Dreams”

Alexia Trif – “Lucid Dreams” – Music Video Post Not that there’s ever been a reason to doubt the success of the sensational singer/songwriter Alexia Trif, given all that we learned about the Romania-born solo artist last year in posting up the video for her single “Still In Love” here at our homepage in the […]Read More

Palms Psalm – “The Coast”

Palms Psalm – “The Coast” – Single Review Lots of love for this single right here…I can definitely get behind “The Coast” by Palms Psalm. The most you’ll find me conceding to ya, is that the gear you’ll find this single starts in, is pretty much the same one it’s gonna rock with for the […]Read More