Alexia Trif – “Lucid Dreams”

 Alexia Trif – “Lucid Dreams”

Alexia Trif – “Lucid Dreams” – Music Video Post

Not that there’s ever been a reason to doubt the success of the sensational singer/songwriter Alexia Trif, given all that we learned about the Romania-born solo artist last year in posting up the video for her single “Still In Love” here at our homepage in the spring of 2020 – but she certainly makes it crystal clear with this new vid “Lucid Dreams” that if she doesn’t hit the big time as a musical artist, she’ll definitely make a fortune on Tik Tok.  Who knows – maybe she’ll go on to do both – and hey, why wouldn’t she?  When you’ve got multiple talents like Alexia, there’s definitely no harm in using them all to your advantage!

Directing and editing her own video for “Lucid Dreams,” a single that she’s co-written with song-writer Alexandru-Sebastian Andro – Alexia proves once again she’s got the chops to thrive at the top of the Pop charts & that she’s still ahead of the game at the same time.  I’m certainly not gonna be the guy to ever complain about a whole bunch of trippin’ effects and vibrant colors in a video – heck, I’m 100% all about that stuff – and it’s always fantastic to see & hear a young star in the making like Trif hitting the mark with the completely justified confidence she should have.  She’s got the sound, she’s got the look, she’s got the skills to put together her own stellar videos…it’s pretty hard to argue against the total package for Pop music & the exact kind of entertainment that people out there across the world are tuning into.

Beyond being supremely cool to watch, the song itself shows the continued maturation of Alexia’s music – “Lucid Dreams” definitely reveals the progression & evolution of her sound & style…and in my opinion, that’s always key in a career.  We want to know that things are not only sounding great at the time, but as listeners, viewers, and consumers of entertainment, we always want to believe that there’s even more greatness to be discovered in the future ahead – and Alexia gives you plenty of reason to believe in her & what she creates, each time we see & hear her in action again.  With thousands & thousands of people around the globe continually following her every move and checking out what she’s come up with next – and passion for the art of entertainment that continually gets stronger each and every day – Alexia Trif is right on schedule for her date with worldwide superstardom, and sounding as great as ever.

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