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Interview With Laine Lonero

SBS:  Laine!  Welcome to our pages and thanks so much for your time my friend.  Stoked to talk to you about this brand-new tune of yours called “How Far” too!  I feel like mixin’ it up here a little bit to start…I usually toss something out like the whole ‘who are ya & where did ya come from’ and all that – and you’re certainly welcome to share that if you’d like to, but I felt like I’d make this intro question a bit more wide open for you.  How would YOU like to introduce yourself Laine?  What would you like the people out there to know about you and the music you make that’ll help’em all get to know you better?

Laine:  I guess I would say that I am a small town girl with big dreams.  I grew up in Ponchatoula, LA, known for their strawberries.  I have known my friends pretty much my whole life being that we all went to school together since Pre-K.  I started classical training when I was 6 at the local university, as well competition dance.  My whole life has revolved around music and it is what I love.  I started singing the National Anthem when I was 9 (I think), as well as starting musical theater.  My first play was The Little Mermaid and I was a seagull.  I moved on to playing some of my favorite roles as “Annie” and “Rafiki.”  I have always had a crazy schedule playing gigs, music lessons, theater, choir, dance team, competitive dance.  My dream is to pursue a career in music and I hope to one day perform in front of a massive crowd at my own concert.  I am moving to Nashville this August to attend Belmont University in the Mike Curb School of Music Business and was accepted in the Songwriting Program.  I cannot wait to be where all the action is and to start a new chapter.

SBS:  What I really liked personally about the new single “How Far” was that it presents both how grounded your thoughts are, and still also proudly represents the dreamer in you as well.  All-in-all, it’s a really vibrant & sweet tune that hits the heartstrings in the right way, while being relentlessly catchy & addictive to listen to in the process – certainly no complaints from me here my friend, I love what I hear.  From what I’ve read, “How Far” is largely about “the feeling of never having the chance to love fully” – which I think a lot of people out there will certainly relate to.  I know what my own personal theory would be in regards to what the song is really saying though…and I’m interested in your take if you’re willing to share.  To me, there’s an even bigger statement being made in this single that’s nearly implied by the way it sounds…and I think in tandem with that quote above, creates this question that many listeners would be curious about before they’d even push play.  “The feeling of never having the chance to love fully” – for the people that haven’t heard it yet, does this imply you’re just gonna give up on love altogether – or does “How Far” go further and create a rebellious anthem about finding love at all costs?

Laine:  Definitely not giving up!!!  I believe in love and feel like you should put it all out there.  I think it’s important to find that person that feels the same as you and loves being showered with it.  I am a very loving person.  Don’t get me wrong though, I am also a very “real” person and don’t want to be with anyone who does not feel the same way.

SBS:  You co-wrote your stellar new single “How Far” with another incredible artist, Karianne Jean!  What was that experience like Laine?  From the sound of how things have come out in the results, I’m presuming things went along swimmingly – but you tell us from your perspective, what was it like?  Easy to communicate with?  Did you ever end up feeling like you had to compromise somewhere along the way in order to get the best out of your new single, or change something to suit the needs of the song?  What was the highlight of working with Karianne, and what did you learn from the experience overall?

Laine:  It’s funny, but this was not what we planned to write about at all.  This had been in my head, considering a relationship I was in at the time, and once we started talking about it, it just flowed out of us.  Karianne always has a fun and positive vibe.  I hate the word vibe, but it just fits to describe her.  She is so good with lyrics and it’s great to be able to have someone fun to bounce ideas back and forth with.  I never feel like anything is sacrificed with her.  I have written with people who try to railroad my story and it takes away the feeling in the song.  We work well together.  She enjoys the process and unfolding the story.

SBS:  Incredible hooks on “How Far” my friend, I gotta say.  And you, superstar – you had to have been happy with the final results when you heard this back for the first time I bet eh?  So let’s see here…what do I wanna know this time Laine…lemme see, lemme see…  I wanna know about that first experience listening to start with…do you remember what your reaction was like to hearing “How Far” for the first time yourself?  I’m also curious about the recording stage as well – when you were singing this in the booth over there…did you know it was all coming out as fantastic as it sounds in the end?  Know what I mean?  Singers usually seem to know when they’ve really got that performance they want – did you?

Laine:  Really appreciate that!  When I’m writing, I can usually tell right away if I like it or not.  I loved the whole concept of this song from the beginning.  It really took shape recording with Bill McDermott at Omni Sound.  He had top notch musicians and he is so talented himself.  He has a vision with the song, but allows you to also contribute your thoughts and feel part of the production team.  I actually love being in the studio and recording, and Bill really brings out the best in your performance.

SBS:  As a singer Laine, what do you personally do to prepare for recording a song like “How Far” before you push record?  I’m guessing there’s gotta be some kind of warm up process in order to be able to sing with the power & tone you put into your music…is that something that takes place directly before you go into the booth?  What about mindset – is that equally important?  How do you prepare in that regard & put your focus into getting your best?  What’s the most crucial thing you consider before you even sing your first note of the day?  I guess what I’m asking is, how do you set yourself up for success?

Laine:  My voice teacher would kill me if I did not do a warm-up prior.  Usually I make sure I get a really good night sleep.  I know I should be hydrating with plenty of water, but I am ashamed to say that I hate it, so I usually don’t.  I have a set of warm-ups on my phone that I usually do within the hour before singing or recording.  Depending on where we are going, I might do it in the bathroom while getting ready or in the car on the way.  I also battle with crazy sinus issues growing up in Louisiana and have a medication regimen that I must stay on top of to keep my voice in shape.

SBS:  What wouldn’t we know about what it’s like to transition outta the Kidzbop days of your early career to the artist you’ve become now with two official singles out there already?  Is it a hard thing to leave behind, or did you find any obstacles in making that switch?  Is this all the kind of thing that maybe you’ve already moved on from, yet *gulp* every single interviewer still seems to bring it up somehow?  What’s going to define these upcoming five years ahead for you Laine as you establish your name firmly in the ol’ Country scene & what kind of legacy do you want to build for yourself with your music career?

Laine:  Well, I have to say I still love Pop music.  I appreciate a great voice no matter what style or genre.  I have a very broad taste in music.  I became a fan of Country because of the stories in the writing.  There is nothing better than sharing your story through music.  Recording for KidzBop was my first experience in the booth and so much fun.

Well first off, I hope I do establish a name in the country scene.  It’s not an easy road, but I haven’t given up yet and don’t plan on giving up on my dream any time soon.  I want to be someone who I can be proud of while still doing what I love.  I want to make my parents proud for all they have done for me through this journey.  I want to be a mentor to other young girls wanting to pursue this dream.

SBS:  Alrighty my friend, short & sweet just like your new single, we’ve reached the end and I’m already looking forward to a repeat!  It’s been a genuine pleasure to listen & learn about you Laine – and many thanks for the opportunity to talk tunes with ya.  No matter how hard I try, I never manage to get it all into one interview…truthfully I don’t even think that’s a possible thing that can be done…so we always roll out the red carpet here at the end of our interviews, which leads directly to the SBS Open-Floor – a fantastic blank canvas & space below where you can be free to say anything else you want to say to the people out there in the world reading – and it’s all yours!  All the best to you and thanks again Laine!

Laine:  It’s always a thrill to have anyone interested in my story and so grateful to be able to share it with you.  It still amazes me that I have had so many loyal fans over the years.  I don’t think of myself as anyone special, so it is really difficult for me to say the word “fans.”  I have people on my socials that have followed me for years and it means the world to me.  I just graduated from High School and I am off to Nashville soon.  I am pretty scared to be away from my parents, family and friends, but I am so looking forward to being there and pursuing my dream.  I want to continue to make music and grow as an artist, while working with other talented artists there and at Belmont.  I am hopeful for an exciting next 5 years.

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