Serious Matters – “Glitches”

 Serious Matters – “Glitches”

If you cup your ear to the wind at just the right angle, chances are you’ll hear a rumbling that traces all the way over to the core of its source, in Union Beach, New Jersey.  What you’re hearing is the sound of Serious Matters getting ready to break outta isolated quarantine days & start taking over stages again.

Like a great many of you out there over this past year-plus, this band of five was surging with powerful momentum right as the pandemic hit.  They had their debut single “Used” in 2017 break ground for them to release their Through It All EP the year afterwards…and then hard at work, getting their lineup finalized and writing the material for their album Mistaking Wasps For Dragonflies put out in 2020.  And then of course, we’re all becoming way too familiar with how this story goes from there – they should have been onstage and kicking ass while supporting those tunes over this past 365, but you know, Covid.

What you’ll witness in this new single/video that they’ve got goin’ on is their resilience.  Not only did they retain their interest in making music, but they’ve solidified their lineup of players and while locked away from the world, continued to write & record material, remotely, as time marched on and most people out there, even the most dedicated, began to simply Netflix and zone right out day after day.  Not Serious Matters though – these guys have been hard at work & planning their return & resurgence.  The video you’ll see for “Glitches” features actual footage of the first time the entire band had been together in over a year since the pandemic began – and you can visibly see just how stoked they are to be back at it, doin’ what they do, makin’ that sweet-sweet Post-Hardcore/Alt-Rock music that you know & love’em for.  Wearing masks & socially distanced…whatever the situation called for in regards to their safety, they were clearly happy to take those precautions if it meant they were able to get back in the studio where they belong, and start cranking out a series of savage new cuts for all of you to turn up.

Diving deep into the themes of “not being able to speak up for yourself when needed and letting go of disloyal people” – the band’s performance & sound is every bit as intense as the concept is.  Serious Matters packs in SERIOUS entertainment in the process of putting their chops on display – they’ve got a wildly tight band that plays with genuine ferocity & supreme focus, and the results of their dedicated efforts all stack up here big-time.  “Glitches” is inventive & innovative through its instrumentation, revealing a high level of skill in the musicianship of Serious Matters that should be obvious to any set of functioning ears out there listening.  For as intense & gripping as it is in the way “Glitches” sounds – you’ll be more than impressed with how calm, collected, and straight-up professional Serious Matters looks in the studio footage you’ll see in the video – this is what it looks like when you know your material inside & out and you’re rehearsed & ready to roll when the moment comes time to record.  Or maybe they’re just remarkably chilled-out people that never feel any pressure…that could be the case.

I highly suspect it’s a real matter of being ready for the moment after being locked up for so very long and away from the stages a band like this was meant to be out there dominating.  They move together as a unified front through “Glitches” and however it is they’ve used their time in the background during this whole pandemic era so far, it’s crystal clear they’ve used that time wisely to their advantage.  Nothing I’d think to change here…nothing I’d advise Serious Matters to tweak – they know what they want to get out of their sound and they have zero problems achieving that with the talent they possess.

Make sure to tune in to the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast – you’ll hear a bunch more of my thoughts on Serious Matters and of course, hear us spin their latest single “Glitches” in the mix as well.  You can find that directly here at Soundcloud, or even better yet – you’re a just a tiny click away from having a listen by clicking here to check it out right at our homepage without even having to leave us.  As always, you can bet I’ve got a lot more to tell ya about’em…I’ll fill you in on some of the band’s history before spinning their latest single, and chances are I’ll bungle up a whole bunch of names as I try to introduce the few of you left out there that don’t know about Serious Matters to the five players they have – it’ll be fun!  You get the idea – tune the heck in will ya?  You know you want more of what you just experienced up top in the video for “Glitches” by Serious Matters – so keep the party goin’ long & strong, come get a dose of their awesomeness, and tune into our show to find out more about’em!

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