Month: <span>January 2020</span>

J. Irja The Sexy Psycho – “My Remedy” Featuring Godemis

Ain’t nothin’ better than the sound of an artist going after it with everything they got.  Passion and desire radiate from the mic and what artist J. Irja The Sexy Psycho brings to the bars & hooks of her empowering anthem/new single “My Remedy” featuring the skilled mechanic Godemis of Ces Cru.  What’s got J. […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Still At Dusk…

Glenn Murawski – Still At Dusk… – Album Review Welcome to the struggle. January has been a tough month for pretty much anything to do with music outside of actually listening to it so far if you ask me.  I became a part of one of those ‘groups’ on Facebook that is filled with a […]Read More

Chords Of Truth – “The Mirage”

Chords Of Truth – “The Mirage” – Single Review “The Mirage” you say, Jason Garriotte. You know I’ve often wondered throughout the years what this man might be searching for. If you’re familiar with our pages, you likely know the name Chords Of Truth by this point.  We’ve reviewed this vehicle for Jason’s songwriting, music, […]Read More

Psykobilly – Black Candle

Psykobilly – Black Candle – Album Review I think there’s going to be a ton of you out there that love this record; consider yourselves warned. “Light The Black Candle” and turn this album up will ya?  The haunting & eerie atmosphere of this intro-style tune is interesting right off the drop when you hear […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Dead Brother”

Love Ghost – “Dead Brother” – Music Video Release/Review “I killed my brother last night…I ate his remains…” So…. …..ummm. Well you can’t exactly compete with sunshine and rainbows like that now can ya? Grim!  Perhaps damn near even Grimm with two Ms!  Love Ghost have crafted an eerie tale onscreen for the new video […]Read More

Ltronnika – “Motion Emotion”

No surprise that one of the most active projects in electronic-music is already determined to start 2020 off with just as much effort & exciting sound as we heard from Ltronnika last year, where we featured about five different singles here at our pages from around summertime on-forward over 2019.  Back again with a brand-new […]Read More

SBS Podcast 085

This week on the show, we toast, tribute, and pay our respects to the awesomeness in the independent music-scene with a full episode stocked full of the winners of our annual quest for our best new sound – all selected by YOU!  Book-ending both sides of the episode, we’ll also play brand-new cuts from two […]Read More

Blinded Fate – “Society Of Rage”

We’ve got cutting-edge Trap/Metal music from Blinded Fate to start up your Wednesday morning focused on the “Society Of Rage” we’re livin’ in.  Armed with hard-hitting synth-sounds and big beats comin’ atcha from the lefts & rights, with gnarly vocals, distant guitars, and electro-elements added into the mix, “Society Of Rage” is a scathing cut […]Read More

Mario Marco Farinato – “Perchè”

Fun fact – some of the first music-videos I ever made were in stop-motion…and to this very day, that style of video is one of my all-time favorites; and this time around, it comes along with one of my all-time favorite international artists, Mario Marco Farinato, aka Panchopigna, whom we’ve featured on these pages many, […]Read More

Sid Hagan – Glacial Plateau

Sid Hagan – Glacial Plateau – Album Review I pretty much yearn for sincerity in the majority of the music I listen to…it’s much more rare than you might think it is really.  As much as we all might be invested in the songs we create, write, and record – it’s just not an element […]Read More