Month: <span>January 2020</span>

FUKM – “Satanic Mechanic”

Crank up your Monday morning with “Satanic Mechanic” by FUKM and get your asses kicked good’n’proper with the gripping intensity of a band that gets it.  When it comes to the classic combination of Punk-meets-Hardcore, there’s no denying that FUKM knows their shit, and executes their music with the resounding authority & punishing commitment that […]Read More

Ravenhall – “Straight Up”

Ravenhall – “Straight Up” – Music Video Release/Review “Straight up I want to show love.” Well right on Ravenhall – that’s a solid way to start off the new year here in January, and thank-you – we’ll take some love here on our Canadian pages from this band all the way from New Zealand.  The […]Read More

Gibrilville – Black Cadillac Season 3

Gibrilville – Black Cadillac Season 3 – Album Review Had to kinda chuckle to myself when I was listening to the “Intro” to Gibrilville’s new record Black Cadillac Season 3, hearing him lament not being able to play basketball; if he thinks he’s got problems as an emcee trying to ball it up on the […]Read More

Craving Rain

Interview With Jasmine Wietzke Of Craving Rain SBS:  Jazzer!  So stoked to have ya with us and back on our pages.  We go back quite a way at this point – I first met ya in 2013, can you believe that?  Man time flies.  And of course, we met ya in the band you were […]Read More

kidhook – “Not Anymore”

“Turnin’ bad situations into good” – amen to that homie. kidhook is here to supply a soul-soothing single filled with a solid combination of wisdom flowing throughout the lyricism, faith-based & empowering messages, and a slick sound that slides smoothly straight outta your speakers.  The man’s looking to spread love, inspiration, and hope to the […]Read More

Thelma Ball – “Overachiever”

Thelma Ball – “Overachiever” – Single Review I don’t think anyone really knows what this is…yet. Let me explain.  Obviously Thelma Ball is making kickass Alt-Rock – that’s not in dispute – I’m talking more about the big picture when it comes to this band.  Perhaps I should have said, I don’t think anyone really […]Read More

Radio Drive – In The Light

Radio Drive – In The Light – Album Review Always excellent to have this dude’s energy in our day and his music in our speakers – Kevin Gullickson has been rocking our pages here since back in 2015 with the release of a couple singles called “A Taste Of Heaven” and “Humanity,” and more recently […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Vicissitudes

Glenn Murawski – Vicissitudes – Album Review Alrighty folks…here’s a name you should all be familiar with at our pages by now – this will be the 5th time we’ve featured & reviewed the ever-creative artist Glenn Murawski’s music at our page in well-under a year’s time!  I’m not too sure how many of you […]Read More

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – The Southern Sessions

Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders – The Southern Sessions – Album Review Gather ‘round the fire friends…lemme tell ya the tale of a true outlaw from the music-scene we love and share a new chapter in the saga of Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders.  If you read these pages of ours on the […]Read More

Key West Chris – All The Best From Key West

Key West Chris – All The Best From Key West – Album Review “Music from Key West and The Florida Keys!” Say what you like…whether KWC is suited to your style or personal taste aside, this man’s extremely well organized, professional, and downright flawless when it comes to how he’s executed & performed the songs […]Read More