Chords Of Truth – “The Mirage”

 Chords Of Truth – “The Mirage”

Chords Of Truth – “The Mirage” – Single Review

“The Mirage” you say, Jason Garriotte.

You know I’ve often wondered throughout the years what this man might be searching for.

If you’re familiar with our pages, you likely know the name Chords Of Truth by this point.  We’ve reviewed this vehicle for Jason’s songwriting, music, and art many times throughout the years and had the opportunity to enjoy several observant, insightful, and socially conscious tunes from this guy.  He’s one of those dudes that shows up at the right time; whether that’s with words you need to hear, or words he needs to say, he shows up when there’s a reason to do so.  Essentially, he’s not the type to just fire-up the studio boards without a burning need to express something to all of us…music is important to him and I’ve always found myself with a massive respect for the way he approaches his craft.

And while I, or you, or even he might not ever know exactly what drives him forward or pulls him to music, it’s always been clear that he’s dedicated to the art and gives every moment everything he can.  It’s in that very sense that, while we might be able to pull a thread or two in attempt to unravel the meaning in his material, we might never fully get all the many, many thoughts in his head 100% literally – but you’ll find that through the way he sings, writes, and performs, that you’ll always feel a strong attachment to his music.  The sentiment & sincerity of Chords Of Truth is always boldly on display.

His vision for “The Mirage” is full of crystal clear imagery & emotion.  Jason’s on the search for “freedom, happiness, beauty, and love” in an effort to decipher whether or not what he’s seeing and believing in are “phantoms of what could be to come,” or perhaps much more real & present already.  We could theorize all day long of course…and good lord knows us music-reviewer-types sure love to do that…but instead, I’ll lay the facts out as plain as Chords Of Truth have put’em – when it comes to “The Mirage” and why it exists for you to listen to right now, is because it’s a “song that needs to be sung.”  While there are multiple lines that ring true throughout this latest single, that might very well be the most powerful & effective one you’ll find…the conviction in Jason’s voice will have you believing.

I’d have no problem at all putting “The Mirage” right up there with the best of what I’ve heard from Chords Of Truth over the years so far.  Jason’s surpassed all expectations with his performance here; he’s always been great, but he really adds a majestic & committed sound to “The Mirage” in the way he sings this song with such confidence, that I’m completely positive any set of ears would be able to hear it.  More importantly, it’s that strength of the confidence & conviction in his voice that continually keeps us right on the edge our seat, fully captivated within the subtle confines of the warm acoustic-based glow; the contrast between the delicate nature of the music and the power in the vocals is remarkable.

As I’ve often commented, talent attracts talent, and it’s inspiring to be inspiring.  Enlisting the support, assistance, and talent of Susan Shewbridge for the backing vocals and keyboards was like finding that last piece of the puzzle to complete the full picture.  While Jason’s words hang in the air and haunt your bones, Susan’s vocals float in the background beautifully, answering the call of his lyrics & emotions with vocalizations that are absolutely amazing to listen to.  I like it when she’s singing in tandem in the harmonies & echoing the words of Garriotte – but if I’m being truthful, it’s when she’s not singing any actual words at all, where she’s immersed in the moment and simply singing her heart out and emphasizing the extra layers of melody to be found in “The Mirage” that has her sounding her best.  Shewbridge provides essential contributions from the music to the microphone all over this single; not only has Jason wisely chosen the right artist to bring “The Mirage” to its full potential, but Susan lives up to every hope, ambition, and expectation he could have possibly had in this collaboration.  She’s the secret weapon that pumps the artistic heartbeat of this new Chords Of Truth single…Susan’s got an incredible voice that complements the stoic & bold tones from Garriotte as perfectly as can be done.

“The Mirage” is a folk-song with a whole lot extra in all the right places.  That ‘extra’ mind you, comes in the form of the songwriting & performances…as far as the overall sound of this single is concerned, it’s got everything it needed, leaving you wanting for nothing more than exactly what you’ll find.  As in, that ‘extra’ isn’t found in Chords Of Truth over-stuffing this collaboration with musicianship or lyrics that don’t serve a purpose – it’s the exact opposite…everything is in the right place, the space & pace allow each element of this song to make an impact on your heart & mind without overcomplicating anything.  That ‘extra’ is found in the bold emotion that runs rampantly throughout the serenity you’ll find…it’s in that magnificent use of contrast in this collaboration that you couldn’t possibly miss.  The ‘extra’ is found in the sheer, stunning strength of the connection a song that appears as gentle & mild as this one does creates within you.  Jason and Susan sound fantastic on every moment of “The Mirage” and have definitely put forth another extremely moving highlight in the Chords Of Truth catalog that will have you hanging on to every word & sparkling note in the atmosphere without an ounce of hesitation or resistance.  “The Mirage” is as clearly focused as songwriting & execution get – it’s a wonderful song.

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