Blinded Fate – “Society Of Rage”

 Blinded Fate – “Society Of Rage”

We’ve got cutting-edge Trap/Metal music from Blinded Fate to start up your Wednesday morning focused on the “Society Of Rage” we’re livin’ in.  Armed with hard-hitting synth-sounds and big beats comin’ atcha from the lefts & rights, with gnarly vocals, distant guitars, and electro-elements added into the mix, “Society Of Rage” is a scathing cut designed to grab your attention and shake the walls around you until your social consciousness awakens good’n’proper.  From the upcoming Blinded Fate EP called The Matrix 4 coming soon – if the title of the record is any indication, this beastly project is about to pump out this new EP at the perfect time with the upcoming movie of the infamous franchise coming out real soon as well.  They say timing is everything when it comes to music, and if that’s truly the case, you can assume that Blinded Fate is on solid ground when it comes to the future – when the people are out there banging their keyboards to find anything/everything they can about The Matrix 4 movie, they’re going to slide right into this cut and find that “Society Of Rage” fits right in to what they were looking for thematically, and delivers on a punishing sound that’ll keep them listening.  In a world filled with chaos, Blinded Fate will either confirm your suspicions about the madness & mayhem that exists all around us – or have you realizing that the “Society Of Rage” is much more real and closer to you than you think.  Check out the latest cut from Blinded Fate and click on the audio-post for the new single “Society Of Rage” below!

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