Month: <span>July 2019</span>

E-Newt – Tragically Beautiful

E-Newt – Tragically Beautiful – EP Review “I give the nation hope.” Giant claim there homie…but maybe E-Newt ain’t wrong either. Some of that good-good conscious Hip-Hop comin’ atcha on the latest EP from this skillful rapper.  You know…in that vein of Common, Talib, Mos & more…E-Newt brings knowledge to the m-i-c, along with high […]Read More

Mr MooQ – “Good Luck With That”

Mr MooQ – “Good Luck With That” – Single Review Here’s one of the more quirky characters from out there in the music-scene. Perhaps you remember the man…Mr MooQ has had his music featured here in reviews from around the summer of last year when we checked out singles like “Double Happiness,” “Dreaming In Color,” […]Read More

SBS Podcast 074

As promised on the last episode, we’re back to rock your socks off with this latest one!  A full set of double-shot tunes from hard-hitting acts like Fey, Closer, Count The Thief, and Paragon Theorem in the mix for ya – AND…we’ll drop some of the details about the upcoming episode of SBS Live This […]Read More

Charles Ryan Davis – “Modesty”

Charles Ryan Davis – “Modesty” – Single Review So…hmm… …it was actually just earlier this month that we checked out the record Four by Charles Ryan Davis…but that’s not what’s got my wheels turning here…it’s actually more to do with the notes I’ve got in behind the scenes from the man himself addressing that past […]Read More

Conrad Merced – Singles

Conrad Merced – Tender Beats Album Sampler – Singles Review Always interesting to see what gets sent our way when reviewing a slice of a record that’s come out.  I’ve got “Thirty Five,” “A Dog In The Fight” and “Ghostwalking” here in the mix from Conrad Merced’s new record called Tender Beats…which are all great […]Read More

Tomorrow, When – More Or Less, Always

Tomorrow, When – More Or Less, Always – EP Review “We’re just a couple of guys who play music.” Well right on.  Just so happens I’m a guy who writes about it. And some of you regulars out there know me well enough to know I wouldn’t include a quote unless it actually said something.  […]Read More

Temple Tree – “Midnight Rendezvous”

Temple Tree – “Midnight Rendezvous” – Music Video Release/Review I mean…I know I’m here to talk about the amazing new video by Temple Tree for their single “Midnight Rendezvous” – and I WILL – I’m just saying that, I’ve also been checking out…hmmm…basically ALL of their music online & apparently they’ve always been pumping out […]Read More

Glenn Murawski – Electronic Melodies

Glenn Murawski – Electronic Melodies – EP Review Points for creativity Glenn. So far as to this point on our pages, we’ve featured the music of Glenn Murawski three other times over the same amount of months more or less, but yet to hear him & vocals into the tunes we’d experienced here at our […]Read More

A&L – “So Sorry”

A&L – “So Sorry” – Single Review “Never bet against me” might just be one of several quality lines you’ll find in A&L’s new single “So Sorry” but it could certainly also serve as an overall theme for the duo of Anthony Casuccio & Lana Marie – you can never count these two out.  Even […]Read More

Joe Kane – “Ain’t Surprised” Featuring 9ine

Joe Kane – “Ain’t Surprised” Featuring 9ine – Single Review YOU might be surprised, but rapper Joe Kane ain’t, and neither is his homeboy 9ine. Let me tell y’all right from the drop…all you reviewers, critics, friends & fam that end up listening to the brand-new single “Ain’t Surprised” by Joe Kane & 9ine…they’re gonna […]Read More