SBS Podcast 074

 SBS Podcast 074

As promised on the last episode, we’re back to rock your socks off with this latest one!  A full set of double-shot tunes from hard-hitting acts like Fey, Closer, Count The Thief, and Paragon Theorem in the mix for ya – AND…we’ll drop some of the details about the upcoming episode of SBS Live This Week with guests BLISTUR on the show, & you KNOW we’ll play some savage cuts from their latest as well today.  Don’t miss out y’all – tune-in & turn-up!


Your official show lineup includes:

Count The Thief – “Lights” / “Vintage”

Fey – “The Day We Meet” / “Blood Flies”

Paragon Theorem – “Bound By Gravity” / “A.P.B.”

Blistur – “Make Up Your Mind” / “Fear Itself”

Closer – “Wintergreen” / “Sweet Papa Jhaaa”


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