Month: <span>July 2019</span>

Jake George – Heart

Jake George – Heart – EP Review Post-Funk.  Is that a thing?  If it’s not, it should be…I mean, that’s the music Jake George is making, isn’t it?  With its haunting Post-Punk aura & sound you’ll find in the melodies & vocals and the Funk-tastic way the bass continually moves & grooves through a track […]Read More

Jordan James Thompson – “Beautiful Lie (Live)”

Jordan James Thompson – “Beautiful Lie (Live)” – Single Review Here I am, the innocent music-reviewer just doing my best to do my due diligence in writing about Jordan James Thompson & find out a little information online at his social-media page, when I stumbled upon a picture that looked totally like JJT, but nothing […]Read More

SMAIBLUE – Singles

SMAIBLUE – Avenue Of A Dying Place – Album Sampler/Singles Review Little is known about this mysterious & melodic project based out of the UK…I’ve checked out the internet hot-spots for information, and it seems like SMAIBLUE for the most part, is doin’ just fine with the music speaking for itself when it comes to […]Read More

Greg Smith – “What This Is”

Greg Smith – “What This Is” – Single Review “I don’t know what this is.” Amen brother, I kinda feel the same way. On the one hand, there really is an impressive amount of great attributes to be found in both the songwriting & sound of Greg Smith’s latest cut called “What This Is” – […]Read More

Sean Shiff – “That’s Just Fine”

Sean Shiff – “That’s Just Fine” – Single Review This singer/songwriter definitely has a way with words. Sean Shiff has written an important track with this single called “That’s Just Fine” – this is some of that good life-imitates-art-and-art-imitates-life type-stuff.  And considering everything that’s gone on down south over the past 24 hours in the […]Read More

SBS Podcast 073

Back in action post-vacation! Awesome lineup of tunes, fantastic interview guest, new stuff in the mix – this episode’s got it all for ya!  We spend our time talking to a truly sweet soul – singer/songwriter Alison Newman – and she’ll fill you in on all kinds of details about her brand-new record in response […]Read More

Strong A.R.M. – “Slow Down Strong” / “That’s Gangsta”

Strong A.R.M. – “Slow Down Strong” / “That’s Gangsta” – Singles Review What is UP homies!?!  I got the Strong A.R.M. of the lyrical-law for ya in review here today – don’t get caught sleepin’ on this emcee y’all, he’s bringin’ it to 2019 with these hard-hitting new singles of his.  Strong A.R.M. is servin’ […]Read More

The Brilliance – “Oh Dreamer”

The Brilliance – “Oh Dreamer” – Single Review Now THAT…is a name for a band ain’t it?  No pressure gentlemen, but this better be good… …man… …MAN have I been on an incredible run of great tunes here lately!  The Brilliance is 100% as advertised. This is one stunning single for the Electro-Pop duo of […]Read More

Chancho – “No Guidance Remix”

Chancho – “No Guidance Remix” – Music Video Release/Review Mannnnnnnnnn…these young artists out there sure jump on new singles quick these days! Chances are you’re familiar with the beat here…comes from the Chris Brown/Drake megahit from about a month or so back…”No Guidance.”  I’ve already mentioned several times about how old this new class of […]Read More

Joe Hanson – “If The World Was A Small Town”

Joe Hanson – “If The World Was A Small Town” – Single Review Sometimes you hear a tune that’ll just make you shake your head in disbelief. Like as in, this amazing tune, came from that humble guy, and he’s only how old? Joe Hanson better buckle himself up tight…because this ride he’s on with […]Read More