Temple Tree – “Midnight Rendezvous”

 Temple Tree – “Midnight Rendezvous”

Temple Tree – “Midnight Rendezvous” – Music Video Release/Review

I mean…I know I’m here to talk about the amazing new video by Temple Tree for their single “Midnight Rendezvous” – and I WILL – I’m just saying that, I’ve also been checking out…hmmm…basically ALL of their music online & apparently they’ve always been pumping out tunes that are fully worth your time.  Like, I’m loving what I hear on the self-titled EP from 2016…that’s as far back as I can see that this story goes online, but it also makes it clear from the incredible melodies & rad tunes you’ll find on that record that Temple Tree has had the magic from day ONE people – this is a completely killer band to listen to.

They make music with a real BURLY sound y’all!  I honestly don’t know how else to describe it – there’s more personality in one thin slice of their song/video combination for “Midnight Rendezvous” than most bands will uncover in the span of an entire career.  Refreshing AF to hear music like this…I know that this is once again a comment more about their full catalog of tunes that I’ve heard so far, but for real people, the sheer range of styles & sounds you’ll hear from Temple Tree on everything from the Temple Tree EP, to their recent single “Fool,” or even more-recent single here on “Midnight Rendezvous” – believe me when I tell ya that the vibrant & lively way their music jumps from your speakers comes out in all kinds of magnificently colorful sounds.  Better yet – don’t believe me at all…go listen to their music from the Spotify link at the bottom of this article & find out for yourself.  But before you get there – feast your eyes & ears on THIS:

I want it on record that I believe in this band more than most…because in the short timeframe I’ve been listening and the distance in between the releases, I can hear that even though they started off great to begin with, Temple Tree is still completely on the rise and there’s serious X-factor uniqueness here.  The more they embrace that wild-side like they are from the moment they first click-in to the groove & give ya a yell to start “Midnight Rendezvous” up with impressive impact & energy that can’t be denied, the more that Temple Tree sounds right at home.  Like I said, I’ve heard the catalog…I dig the more mid-tempo & melodic vibes they’ve created too – but what I’m both seeing & hearing in a song like “Midnight Rendezvous” is a band that’s learned how to really stand out & apart from the rest out there for all the right reasons, audibly and visually.  This is every bit as much fun to experience as it is fully badass to listen to as well.  Expertly directed by Mohammad Bastaki, “Midnight Rendezvous” is straight-up remarkably entertaining onscreen, getting the exact kind of clever support you want in a video to complement a truly great song.  Absolutely LOVING the effects, loving the cuts, loving the COLORS and also the ABSENCE of color (as in, the use of completely blacked-out space) in this video – I love how you get the personality of the band onscreen, and how overall, there’s just no doubt at all that what you’re hearing matches the vibe of what we see & vice-versa.  Extremely well put together…and while it might seem like a simplified concept, sure…maybe it is…but the best recipes usually also have the most pure ingredients, which is exactly what you get here in the video for this single – your eyes get to absorb every solitary second of this awesomeness onscreen & you won’t miss an entire thing because it’s ALL verifiably entertaining.

Temple Tree keeps this groove stocked & locked with soul, personality, and brilliantly catchy material from the speakers to the screen…I’m all about this single/video and I’m definitely all about this band!

Find more music from Temple Tree at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/album/4rD8L2cZ0ja5ETilrJLgZc

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